Reader mailbag: What is the deal with ongoing curfew and the seemingly neverending alcohol bans at restaurants and bars in Pattaya?

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A question for the government and the society,
What is the meaning of the ban on alcohol sales in restaurants, what is the meaning of the alcohol-related control activities? I just want to know. It cannot be the preventing of covid 19 spread. What is – at the same time – the meaning of a curfew at night? Is a legal, fully grown adult person not able to make any decisions at all in Thailand?

If you walk around the markets in Pattaya, especially on weekends, people are almost stepping on each other – what makes this better than 2-4 people sitting having a beer or a glass of wine in a controlled area in a restaurant?  Or people sitting at an outdoor beer bar that sits no more than a dozen people? We aren’t talking parties or giant nightclubs or concerts with hundreds of people…most bars and restaurants would barely have more than a dozen or so folks in them anyways.

Daily I see loads of workers in crowded transports around Pattaya to and from various construction worksites and factories that employ hundreds in close quarters – How in the world can this be ok with the spread of Covid-19? Why is it seemingly that anything to do with stopping Covid-19 by the government is around alcohol being served in a restaurant or bar!?

The economy doesn’t need any more regulations that make no sense. What is the meaning of this? Is it to stop Covid-or is it because there are people who have other goals in mind, such as possibly conservative anti-alcohol groups?

What is the meaning of the curfew? Not many people out at night anyway, the spread is more severe at night or what? Look at the local markets, look at the transportations out on the roads – Has everyone gone seriously insane???

Andreas A, Pattaya
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