Five high pressure water jet trucks sent for repair at cost of 47 million baht, Bangkok Metropolitan Police reports

PHOTO: Thaipost

Bangkok –

Five high-pressure water trucks that have been deployed at pro-democracy protests were sent for repair at the cost of 47 million baht, the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) reported today, October 5th.

The MPB announced the bidding winner of a manufacturer who offered the most reasonable repair cost of five water cannon trucks today after being destroyed, damaged, and ruined during the protest dispersals for several months in Bangkok.

According to the announcement, K Tree Corporation Company Limited had passed the qualifications as specified by the government and the pricing criteria, offering a price of 47,080,000 baht including VAT, other taxes, transportation costs, registration fees, and all other expenses.

The water trucks were reportedly bought at a price of 25 million baht per vehicle from a South Korean manufacturer. They were publicly seen and used for the first time at a major pro-democracy protest in the Pathumwan area of Bangkok on October 16th, 2020, and had been stationed at several gatherings in the capital since then.

TPN media notes that the news has drawn nearly universal criticism on social media, especially from pro-democracy protesters who state that the money being used to repair equipment used to disperse protests would be better used fighting Covid-19 or supporting the public and seeking dialogue and change. The government, however, has disagreed and stated that the equipment is critical to help “protect the public” from subversive elements disrupting the peace.


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