American suspect who allegedly raped a masseuse refuses to reenact the crime scene in Khon Kaen today, claims he felt “unsafe”

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A recently-arrested American man who allegedly raped a female massage therapist in Khon Kaen has refused to reenact the crime scene which was planned today, October 3rd, for what he said were personal safety reasons.

37-year old suspect Robert Andrew Gordon, who is reportedly originally from Colorado in the United States, was arrested yesterday at a condominium in Soi Na Na on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok after days of fleeing from his alleged crime against a 45-year-old masseuse and attempted sexual abuse against a young girl in a northeastern province.

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American man, claiming to be high on drugs, arrested in Bangkok after alleged raping of massage therapist and attempted sexual abuse of young girl in Khon Kaen

The suspect has now been taken and been detained at the Mueng Khon Kaen Police Station before the police will make a formal detention request with the provincial court tomorrow, October 4th. The suspect’s girlfriend and lawyer have reportedly arrived from Amnat Charoen and are participating in the process with the foreign suspect. It is unknown at this point if he will be eligible for bail.

The suspect has reportedly admitted to the crimes, however, claims he was under the influence of drugs and not in the right state of mind and according to some analysts appears to be attempting to claim that his actions were not his own but due to being under the influence of speed. This has been met with wide anger and derision on Thai and foreign social media.

Police Colonel Preecha Kengsarikit, chief of Muang Khon Kaen station, told reporters that the reenactment of the crime scene was scheduled for today in the afternoon but was canceled as the suspect refused to do so, reasoning that he was concerned about his own safety. This angered family members and relatives who had traveled a fair distance to Khon Kaen hoping to encounter the suspect in person and demand answers as to why he conducted the actions he allegedly did.

Many Thai “netizens” asked why on social media the reenactment was canceled, as it is normally Thai law, but claimed that if the suspect was Thai it would have gone ahead regardless of possible safety issues.

Further interrogation, therefore, will take place before all evidence and confessions will be collected and presented to the court, according to Khon Kaen police.

Colonel Preecha noted that the suspect was being held in a regular cell at the Mueang Khon Kaen police station and did not have any special treatment. He stated that the suspect was mostly calm, although had been complaining that he was suffering from leg pains.

The case has garnered widespread anger on social media across Thailand. We will continue to cover the case in the days ahead.


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