Promperú’s Peru Trade Office Supports Expansion of Peruvian Agri-Food Export to Thailand

Lima, 9th September 2021-The following is a press release. Their thoughts and statements are their own.

Peruvian agri-food exports to Thailand continue to
grow in 2021, reaching US$4.2 million in May, comfortably exceeding the US$3.6
million achieved in 2020.

Avocados, grapes, cranberries, and asparagus were the leading Peruvian
foodstuffs exported to Thailand last year. The biggest boom was in cranberries,
which increased in value by 747% compared to the previous year.

The growing importance of the Thai market to Peru’s export strategy is the reason
behind the transfer of PROMPERÚ’s trade office in the region. After almost five
years based in Hong Kong, from 2021 Bangkok will be home to the Peruvian
organization’s promotional office in South-East Asia.

The main objective of PROMPERÚ’s trade office in Bangkok will be to increase
the demand for Peruvian produce through new trade agreements and
promotional actions.

Over the coming months, the promotions will reach the leading e-commerce
platforms in Thailand. Peruvian avocados, cranberries, quinoa, and chia have
been available since July and through to September on the Fresh Living
website. In addition, leading supermarkets such as Tops, Foodland, Makro and
Max is also offering their shoppers Peruvian avocados and cranberries online
in August and September.

“In Thailand, we are committed to direct consumer promotion because according
to Food Export, around 54% of Thai people search for food from the West and
therefore buy imported foodstuffs”, explained the Trade Commissioner of
PROMPERÚ in South-East Asia, Erick Aponte.

Peruvian agri-food exports to the Asian continent account for 15% of its total
exports to South-East Asia. The main markets are China (76 million), Hong Kong
(117 million), South Korea (88.6 million) and Japan (55.5 million).
In South-East Asia the main destinations are Indonesia (11.5 million), Malaysia
(6.4 million), Thailand (5.8 million), Vietnam (4 million) and Singapore (1.4

The ‘Super Foods Peru’ brand represents Peruvian foodstuffs of distinctive
quality that originate in the country’s unique ecosystems: the coast, the jungles
, and the mountains. These products boast unique nutritional properties; learn
more about ‘Super Foods Perú’ here.

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