Reader Talkback results: Have you had any problems with any Thailand online applications or bill payments?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

Have you had any problems with any Thailand online applications or bill payments?

We also provided the following context for the question:

The context around this question comes from multiple messages and emails, although was suggested from a regular reader after they have reported trouble paying their water bill online for the past five months, being told that they have to go in-person during the Covid-19 pandemic to a store or office to do so and pay a ten baht extra fee. We also have had many messages about issues with online applications for 90-day check-in not working properly with Royal Thai Immigration. Finally, there have been multiple reports of problems with various applications tied into Covid-19 and Covid-related vaccine registration, proof, etc.

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Let’s see what everyone had to say:


Charlie B-Big bugbear of mine is English language websites that have Thai text embedded within images – pretty much all the retailers do it. If it’s posted as text then Translate handles it but an image containing text won’t. I’m sure plenty of others will comment on Immigration so I’ll leave it to them.


Thomas M-80%+ of the government apps do not work properly. Specifically Immigration and land transportation. I try always again.


Shaugan P-90 Day online reporting has never worked for me… Trying to book for license via DLT does not work… Removing translate feature on Facebook for Thai text….


J.W.-I have had multiple issues with paying my water bill recently and an ongoing drama over using the QR code or number. Here is a description of my issue:

1.  Two months ago I vaguely remember going to 711 near my house and paying 267 baht on a bill with a left column that had numbers like 2t7 that added up to over 1,000.  Unfortunately, I did not get a receipt but I think I paid the lady at 711.
2.  I return to Bkk and find a similar bill and a few weeks ago I try to pay it at three different 711’s and online.  They tell me I have to go to a special office to pay.  I try again to pay online and cannot.
3. Yesterday I tried calling their number and the rep directs me to a website that will not allow me to register because I do not have a Thai ID Number so I try my passport number and the number on my Thai Driver’s License which just expired in May and needs to be renewed (I heard I do not have to go to the office in Pattaya but can do it online).
4.  I call back and tell her I cannot register due to the ID number issue.  She says she will send me a bar code to scan and the email comes through but when I scan it the amount I have to that automatically goes into the Kplus Bank App I am using which leads me to think of corruption or scam.  I call her back and she apologizes and says she will have someone from an office closer to my house call me today.
5. I had a call about 1:00 p.m. and missed it and when I called that number back (maybe not Water Co.) no answer.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that I also am told I have to pay over 1,000 as a late fine and come to their office.  I tell them that the Thai Government has told me to stay home especially because I am at a dangerous Covid19 age.  I almost get her to accept my credit card over the phone as payment but then she says no and someone else will call me tomorrow.
At this point, I just want to be done with them and if they will let me pay with kplus I will. even pay the fine.   As we cannot live more than three days without water this agency is playing with people’s lives by having antiquated payment policies which actually slow their collection of late funds instead of gathering them in quickly.
Duncan E-I have never, ever, been able to get the 90 days check-in working properly. It is probably a technical issue, but still…
Mikey I-Morprom. Really? We are going to use this for foreigners for their “green pass” but have most stuff in Thai and not working?
Richard I-It would be easier to list what problems I have NOT had with online applications and payments.
Sarai-Anything related to Immigration. I gave up and just let an agent do it every time now!
That is all for this week, this ended up being a quieter topic than many we have done. We will have a brand new talkback for you tomorrow.
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