The biggest local stories from the past week in Pattaya: Heavy storms hit Chonburi, Some Covid-19 restrictions eased, Protests continue in Pattaya, and more

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Hello Pattaya News Readers and Supporters!

The following is our weekly feature in which we highlight the top local stories in our area, Pattaya and Chonburi, for the past week. The number of stories differs from week to week.

These are chosen and curated by our editorial team and are designed for our readers to get a quick “catch-up” of important stories they may have missed. We publish many stories daily and it is easy to lose track of important events or changes in our area. We do national recaps in a separate article, this is only the top local stories in our area and province.

They are in no particular order of importance but roughly in order of publishing. These are from Sunday, September 5th, 2021, to Saturday, September 11th, 2021. 

Let’s get started and see what the top local stories were!

1.  Unclothed woman causes chaos in traffic in Chonburi

This was one of the most widely viewed (and commented on) videos we have ever done here at TPN media.

Video: Unclothed woman holds up traffic on Sukhumvit road and causes chaos yesterday morning in Mueang Chonburi

2.  Pattaya area pro-democracy protesters hold another rally

Protesters gathered once again locally, asking for the resignation of the Thai Prime Minister and protesting against Covid-19 related measures and response by the government.

Pattaya area pro-democracy protesters hold a car protest rally from Pattaya to Sattahip

3.  The trees on Pattaya beach will stay, after an agreement between Mayor and protest groups

A disagreement between various environmental groups and protesters and the Pattaya City administration has been amicably resolved on both sides. To the relief of many residents, no more trees will be removed on Pattaya Beach as part of a remodel project.

UPDATE: ‘Thailand Urban Tree Network’ and Pattaya City working together on Pattaya Beach remodel-no more trees will be removed

4.  Pattaya Mayor election delayed until next year

This was originally supposed to happen next month but due to Covid-19, as well as the implementation of the “Pattaya Move On” tourism plan, this has been delayed until next year. A firm date has not yet been set.

Thai Cabinet approves Subdistrict Administrative Organization elections but delays Bangkok governor and Pattaya mayor elections

5.  More restrictions were eased in Chonburi by the Governor

No, bars and nightlife were not opened, but zoos, animal attractions, museums, and several other “low-risk” places as deemed by the government were allowed to re-open after being shuttered for almost two months due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Chonburi Governor relaxes more Covid-19 restrictions: Tourist attractions, Zoo/animal attractions, museums, and more

6.  Pattaya was hit by heavy storms, flooding, property damage

Last week brought one of the largest storms in quite some time to Pattaya. A few articles about the damage and flooding we did are below.

Pattaya hit by heavy overnight storms, suffers widespread flooding and damage

Jomtien Beach road suffers severe damage from storms, repairs underway

7.  Bangkok Hospital Pattaya opens Covid-19 vaccine registration for eligible foreigners 18+

This officially ends today, Sunday, but was a major news item for last week as the foreigner vaccination campaign continues locally.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya now allowing registration for a Covid-19 vaccine for foreigners 18+

8.  It has now been 5 months since Pattaya’s popular nightlife and entertainment sector has been mandated shut

The most popular question on everyone’s mind is…how much longer?

Today marks 5 months on of a “2 week closure” of Pattaya’s entertainment industry

That will do it for our coverage of last week’s biggest news stories. We will see you again next week.


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