Thousands of Thai students nationwide start an online class strike today, prompted by pro-democracy “Bad Student” movement

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Thai social media was flooded with the hashtag “#ไม่เรียนออนไลน์แล้วอิสัส” (roughly translated as “no more f* online classes”) which become the top trending hashtag on Twitter in the blink of an eye today, September 6th, after the pro-democracy “Bad Student” movement called for an online class strike starting this week.

Online classes for all Thai students have been constantly applied since April following government orders due to the concerning situation of the Covid-19 pandemic nationwide. However, the longer the online classes are implemented, the more problems students have to endure.

The Pattaya News/TPN Media has observed this trending hashtag and has come across many problems, physically and mentally, that students have encountered. Some examples of Twitter posts shared with the above hashtag are below.

Most of the students, including university students, are not comfortable with studying and struggling with the internet and technological devices access. They cannot handle what they say is an overload of group work and homework in time and the Thai education system in general is not suitable for online learning.

Studying online is also time-wasting and stress-triggering, according to their statement. Concentration on a computer screen for 8 hours straight (or more) becomes the most difficult thing to do and gradually affects them physically and mentally as they are lacking proper offline communications and outdoor activities with their teachers and friends.

The online classes strike, announced by the Bad Student movement, is a peaceful and symbolic protest to show resistance against the current education system. The strike has been participated in by thousands of students nationwide since 9:00 AM., according to the online record on

The group also demands current education reform from the Ministry of Education, including the readjustment of the education system to be in line with the pandemic situation, the procurement of proper educational equipment and supplies for students in need, the acceleration of vaccine allocation for everyone, and the ministry to have engagement and support towards students who want to file complaints and who are suffering from the government’s online class order.

Move Forward MP Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn stated via his Twitter account that “the preliminary solution is to reduce coursework, leave only the core courses. Other subjects should be temporarily canceled and we can organize some integrated activities within the curriculum instead when school is open.”

The hashtag will be active for the rest of the week until Friday. The Pattaya News/TPN Media will closely monitor the issue and will provide more updates and feedback on the ongoing strike.


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