Reader Talkback Results: How are YOU passing time during the current closures and restrictions in Pattaya?

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Reader Talkback: How are YOU passing time during the current closures and restrictions in Pattaya?

Some context around the question:

Chonburi, which of course includes Pattaya, has now been a dark red zone as mandated by the Thai government since July 20th, 2021, which has many restrictions and measures such as a ban on dine-in, closure of beaches and parks, malls closed, and much more. Pattaya’s famous entertainment and nightlife have been shuttered since April 10th, 2021, with no sign of it being lifted anytime soon. Many residents and ex-pats of Pattaya likely moved to the town for its reputation as a lively tourist town with abundant nightlife, restaurants, entertainment, beaches, tourist attractions, events, and things to do. It goes without saying that the current situation is not what many people living here came to Pattaya, Thailand for. So we want to ask you, how are you passing the time? Are you using it constructively? Are you perhaps helping charity events?  Are you binging on television or video games? Or have you made the decision to leave Pattaya even temporarily?

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. 

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Brian D-What is there to do?? Absolutely nothing!! I spend my days inside which is ridiculous. Everything is closed so there is absolutely nothing to do. No wonder there are so many homeless people now and I have no doubt there are many suicides that are not even reported. Staying fit and healthy is what is supposed to keep people from getting sick. Fitness facilities and gyms have been closed for no reason in my opinion. And what has the lockdown done?? Nothing!!!

Bob S-Nothing to &^% do – because – it is STUPID – then there is what the SFBs in charge have done these past months. Lockdown does NOTHING. How about dealing with the vaccine problem – and doing something about it!

Ric U-Its all good man. Walk every day, get a fruit shake, get take out food and groceries some days. Get a coffee and sit out and talk with friends at the condo. Drink beer with friends at night sometimes, listen to music, play guitar, and sing. Massage and companionship are still available as well (but keep it under the q.t.) Thailand is a paradise, enjoy it. Get off your blasted Japanese rice burner scoopy or click and get some exercise. If you get tired, there is a bolt or songthaew to get you home.
You will look and feel better. Peace

Brian S-I have taken to going on a really long walk at 5:30 pm when the sun is not as strong. I live near the Airport Bus Station in Jomtien. I walk down to Pratumnak, then along the beach road to Jomtien Night Market and home again (10,000 steps). It gets me out. Clears my head. Gives me thinking space. It is a lovely time of the evening and I am losing weight

Vincent H-Reading more Dutch language and making meditation. I also like cooking. I enjoy weight training in the natural surroundings. Lots of stones to be utilized and placed in a sack to keep my strength ..

Ron M-The same as I always do. Waste my time on here complaining about mismanagement, ineptitude, and corruption. There is so much to choose from.

Manuela F- I’ve grown a kitchen garden on the balcony. Planted Italian basil (from cuttings), mint, grapefruit mint (great for cocktails), sage, thyme, rosemary, and pineapple plants (from pineapples bought on the market). Looked at the patio furniture, decided it looks a bit tired and made new covers from a really cheerful fabric. Reupholstered a tired-looking sofa, now designing new cushions for it. Then planning making some dresses. My husband started making the model of a Japanese WW2 aircraft carrier. We got ourselves bikes to get around and explore the neighborhood – still fairly new here.

Jan-Early morning shopping for groceries. Thereafter staying at home, reading a lot.
Mike S-Cleaning my fridge every day because the virus likes to drink, lay on the beach, and party at night
Xonora-Aggravated that I can’t go swimming, go out to eat or go see my friends, and EXTRA irritated that an October reopening is looking more and more like a pipe dream at this point, but I’ve got a decent condo room and a Nintendo Switch with 25 Megaman games to tide me over until No More Heroes III comes out later this month so I’m good for now
Angelina T-Reading a book, cooking, rearranging my cupboards, catching up with my sewing/clothes repair, doing some handicraft, browsing through e-commerce sites a little more than I should, visiting social media sites to look at other people’s travel photos
Glenn S-Pattaya is derelict now, I can’t see a way back from this disaster. I exercise, read and watch outdoor shows on Youtube. The once-a-day trip to Amazon for coffee is the highlight of my life. I didn’t sign up for this, I’m heading home as soon as possible.
Gorman-Teaching my 4-year-old son about life, and training him mentally about this crazy world so in the future he’s prepared and ready for everything …I’m within walking distance from a park beside my house in Nonthaburi and my son always wants to go, I say to him its closed he says daddy why,,, This is the f world we live in at the moment unfortunately
Jan R-I am a foster daddy for a puppy that is nine weeks, Puuuh! 555. Animal army foundation who rescue dogs in Pattaya always wants help.
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