Chonburi launches 73 Community Isolation areas for Covid-19 patients, we explain all the different types of hospitals for Covid-19 patients

Chonburi –

Chonburi authorities have launched a total of 73 Community Isolation (CI) areas for local Covid-19 infected patients in 11 districts.

A Community Isolation center is essentially used for Covid-19 patients with mild to zero symptoms of Covid-19 who cannot self-isolate, which in Thailand requires strict requirements and is rare, primarily because most Thai people tend to live in large, multi-member, and generational families and not alone or with limited people.

Community Isolation is new and is another option for those who test positive for Covid-19 and helps save precious hospital beds and resources for those with moderate to severe symptoms. Under Thailand’s current strategy, every Covid-19 patient must be monitored, even if asymptomatic, although some options for self-isolation are starting to be available on a limited basis, but as mentioned have strict requirements.

The major current options for those who test positive currently are:

-Hospitals-reserved for serious/moderate patients, or private ones for those who wish to pay for private rooms/etc.

-Field Hospitals-Larger “barrack” style hospitals, mostly for mild patients as well as some asymptomatic. These are mostly used for those on a budget who cannot afford a hospital or hospital private room, as well as if rooms are lacking at other places. Thai nationals, most migrant workers, and foreign workers with social security get free treatment, but they are not guaranteed to be given private rooms, etc. A foreigner without social security will need to pay their own expenses/use their own insurance. Keep in mind not every insurance policy covers asymptomatic quarantine.

-Hospitels (spelling intended)-Used primarily for mild/asymptomatic and those being quarantined as close contacts of previous cases but are currently negative for Covid-19.  These are mostly hotels that were formerly quarantine for people returning from overseas and are where most close contacts or high-risk contacts that cannot self-isolate (such as living with a large family) go.

-Community Isolation-Described in this article.

-Self Isolation-Described in this article.

-Bubble and Seal-These are factories, industrial estates, construction camps, migrant worker dormitories, and other places that tend to have many people living and working in the same area, usually mostly migrant workers. This method essentially seals off the entire factory/venue from the outside world and separates people who are positive for Covid-19 from those who are not with on-site field hospitals. In some cases, the factory is allowed to continue operations but nobody can enter or leave the premises. Aid is given by the Ministry of Labor or the owners of the company/factory/construction site.

The Chonburi Communicable Disease Committee, chaired by Pakhathorn Thienchai, has ordered the local government organizations in Chonburi province to set up Community Isolation centers in the community, totaling 73 isolated places province-wide.

As for the Banglamung district, about 7 Community Isolation facilities are established in 7 local government organizations, accommodating a total of 291 patients.

About 80 beds are installed in Huai Yai Subdistrict Municipality, 20 are in Nong Pla Lai Subdistrict Municipality, 40 are in Nong Prue Subdistrict Municipality, 48 are in Pong Subdistrict Municipality, 25 are in Takhian Tia Subdistrict Municipality, 50 beds are in Khao Mai Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organization, and 28 beds are available in Bang Lamung Subdistrict Municipality.

The main place for Community Isolation in ​​the Bang Lamung Subdistrict is located in Ruan Thip Residence on Naklua Road (next to the Bang Lamung Police Station).

The Provincial Public Health authorities have also set some criteria for accepting confirmed Covid-19 cases into the CI facilities and that they should be new patients or recovering patients.

Infected patients with very mild to no symptoms in all age groups will receive a mental health assessment according to the Individual Assessment Form of the Department of Mental Health before being admitted to a CI facility at the physician’s discretion.

For more information, please call 038-111 602 (Community Isolation Location: CI), Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province.


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