Local motorbike club of diverse members from around the world helps the Pattaya community

The following is a press release. Their statements are entirely their own.

MC KissaPussi (which is Finnish for cat pouch, what were you thinking) is a grassroots Motorcycle Club making a difference one life at a time by helping the community while having fun.  

We start locally and dream big. One of our dreams is to let children enjoy childhood and to make birth control readily available for young girls and women so that they can stay in school and build a future.  For those already pregnant or with a small child we want to provide a safe place to start parenting while continuing school. 

Past and current projects include: 

Participating in fundraising events for local schools to provide daily meals for schoolchildren. 

Providing a wheelchair, tablet, internet access, and nutrition for an adorable young boy with muscular dystrophy in support of his family. 

Assisting a family caretaking a paralyzed single father with basic necessities.  

Feeding, spay/neuter, and adoption of street kittens and puppies. 

Please join us in assisting. Open to all regardless of nationality or wheel status. Life doesn’t need to be too serious, so help us spread the joy with random acts of kindness! 

Twitter: @kissapussi Facebook: MC KissaPussi

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