Feature: Top local stories in Pattaya from last week-Chonburi loads up on Covid-19 restrictions, Jomtien Beach renovation continues, and much more

Hello Pattaya News Readers and Supporters!

The following is our weekly feature in which we highlight the top local stories in our area, Pattaya and Chonburi, for the past week. The number of stories differs from week to week.

These are chosen and curated by our editorial team and are designed for our readers to get a quick “catch-up” of important stories they may have missed. We publish many stories daily and it is easy to lose track of important events or changes in our area. We do national recaps in a separate article, this is only the top local stories in our area and province.

They are in no particular order of importance but roughly in order of publishing. These are from Sunday, July 18th, 2021, to Saturday, July 24th, 2021. 

Let’s get started and see what the top local stories were!

1. Pattaya City to give 2000 baht to residents with permanent residency due to Covid-19 crisis

Well, it’s a start and better than nothing. However, the overall reader consensus is that a lot more is needed to help those who have lost their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods.

Pattaya City to give permanent residents 2,000 baht to each registered family for financial aid due to Covid-19 crisis

2.  Pattaya City planning major remodel of Pattaya Hill over Bali Hai

A viewpoint tower, skylift, sky garden, and glass skywalk are all planned over the next few years. This has been planned for some time and it is important to note that this is not meant to even start until the Covid-19 situation has been resolved.

Pattaya still planning to renovate Pattaya City sign on hill overlooking Bali Hai Pier with view point tower, skylift, sky garden, and glass skywalk

3.  Chonburi becomes a dark red zone with many new restrictions and closures

The most unpopular news from last week. Well, unless you count later additions that also closed parks, beaches, and pools as well.

Chonburi Governor releases new provincial orders for change to maximum control/dark red zone

4.  Jomtien Beach Renovation is continuing

Well, some projects are still taking place. This had been previously delayed for some time and was highly anticipated by many Jomtien residents.

Jomtien Beach renovation and expansion moving forward as beach erosion problems tackled

5. Pattaya restaurant owners once again reduced to take-away only to “fight Covid-19”, many decide to close completely temporarily, others very unhappy

   It’s a difficult time to be a restaurant owner (or indeed, nearly any type of business owner) in Pattaya.

Pattaya restaurant owners once again reduced to take-away only to “fight Covid-19”, many decide to close completely temporarily, others very unhappy

6.  How to travel between provinces for Pattaya residents

All you need to know, for now.

Pattaya authorities clearly explain what you need to travel between provinces right now as a maximum control zone

That is it for this week! Have a safe week ahead for you and yours!


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