Pattaya Community Support helping those in need during the current Covid-19 crisis


Things are tough right now in Pattaya, with an estimated 80 to 90 percent of businesses closed, either by mandate or due to lack of traffic, and tens of thousands either out of work or laid off temporarily.

This is due to an ongoing Covid-19 situation seeing hundreds of daily cases in Chonburi that has led the government to take strict measures, closing many places, even beaches, and pools! This has led to thousands in charity and food lines across the city daily who need help with their daily expenses and simply to feed themselves and their families as government support and aid are, at best, minimal, and at worst, doesn’t happen for many informal workers at all.

Many are reaching into their hearts (and pockets) to help those in need and one group is Pattaya Community Support. In their own words, here is what they do:

To whom this may concern, 

The reason why I am writing is that we would like your help to spread the word as we manage to get people to come and get meals however with your help we can make many more people aware of this organization.
As we all know, the Coronavirus Pandemic has left many people in Thailand struggling and it is only getting worse.

Pattaya Community Support was founded to help as many people in need as we can. We have a very simple aim and goal in mind: Provide a warm meal, water, and basic supplies to as many people as we can, whilst supporting and helping local shops.
On the 4th, 11th, and 18th of August at 10 am we are planning to give out more meals, water, snacks, and masks to those in need at Bali Hai Pier. We would really love your support.
Thank you in advance,
Pattaya Community Support
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