Jomtien Beach renovation and expansion moving forward as beach erosion problems tackled

Jomtien –

The first phase of a multi-year Jomtien beach renovation project has restarted again after months of a pause after a sand dredging license was approved earlier this month, according to Pattaya City officials.

Officials with Pattaya City told Pattaya news reporters that the project had been paused as the contractors were waiting for permission for dredging and moving sand to the Jomtien Beach area as well as Covid-19 related delays. Sand from Rang Kwean Island which is 15 kilometers from Jomtien Beach is being used in the sand renovation project, designed to restore eroded portions of the beach, especially in the Na Jomtien and southern sections of the shore.

The Marine Department is responsible for the project in which a 586 million baht budget has been allocated for the first phase, which has been planned for several years, well before Covid-19. The project was first planned following what authorities stated was a successful expansion of the sand on nearby Pattaya Beach several years earlier.

The sand renovation project is meant to solve ongoing beach erosion problems locally. For the past ten years, according to the Marine Department, the beach has been heavily eroded in the Jomtien area in which some sections are nearly entirely gone, especially near the southern end of Jomtien Beach road.
Marine Department officials told The Pattaya News the problem needs to be quickly solved before foreign tourism, currently essentially on pause with closed borders due to Covid-19, resumes in earnest.
Sand is currently being used to fill sections of the beach to about 50 meters wide on Jomtien beach from Lung Sawai Seafood to Soi 11.
The contractors officially resumed work on July 9th. The dredge ship can carry about 2,500 cubic meters of sand per round of delivery, according to the Marine Department.
When the first 100 meters of sand renovation has been completed, the area will be opened for the public to use by the end of this month. Officials plan to continue to open sections of the beach as they are expanded. The plan is a multi-year plan, with the more popular Dongtan Beach end of Jomtien Beach likely not to be filled until 2022. The plan, according to the Marine Department, is to combine the sand filling project with ongoing drainage projects in the area to reduce the effect of heavy storms damaging the beach.


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