Reader Talkback Results: What traffic hazard/area needs to be fixed THE MOST in the Pattaya/Jomtien area?

Woman injured in accident at School in Sri Racha, Thailand

The following is our exclusive weekly feature in which we ask our readers a news topical question and then give you a week to answer it on our various channels, compiling a diverse range of answers and opinions to present.

Last week, we asked you the following:

Reader Talkback: What traffic hazard/area needs to be fixed THE MOST in the Pattaya/Jomtien area?

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Most of our readers blamed the issues on drivers overall and not specific road areas or conditions.

This is despite us saying this last week: We see accidents on an almost daily basis in Chonburi unfortunately and although poor driving skills and speeding are often a reason there are also legitimate areas that are often dangerous or need more work. We covered one of those in a traffic-related story earlier today that you can read here as an example. In your opinion, what area locally needs work? This can be a number of things such as: -Badly needs a traffic light/stop sign -Area that needs road potholes and sinkholes fixed -Area that needs trimming of trees, shrubbery, etc -U-turns that should be opened/or closed -Construction work area that is not well lit or signed properly? -Curves that need more signage, bumpers, or other preventive measures.

Anyways, the results are below…

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William M-Attitude..Attitude..Attitude. Must start at the top. All the comments thus far about roads, lights, and so on cannot and will not correct the fundamentals of driving. Many drivers do not have money for fines but that should not deter the police from their responsibilities. I cannot tell you, which is the priority, but education is right at the top. The police could double or triple the checkpoints with the local cops and change them to “Safety Inspections” to check the equipment as well as the documents. Anyone found driving underage will be detained and turned over to the parents or guardian. The local neighborhood cop can start earning the respect of the public. No lights, no car or bike, no helmet, no bike, no license, no wheels.


Stephen S-One could write a thesis on the subject as a whole; where driving competence, enforcement, and road system design/maintenance are the main factors. As for hazards on the Pattaya area: Railway Rd should have stop lights at the junctions; all other junctions should have stop signs; roadside lights to be made to work and all U-turn junctions (without traffic lights) on Sukhumvit Rd should be blocked.


Stan L-All of the above is going to make the roads a safer more driver-friendly place. Until the law is applied school kids on scooters 2 3 and 4 up no helmets although that rule seems to be ignored by far too many. The driver’s license is given, it’s not awarded to those who have had lessons and put through a rigorous test. Until this happens no road no matter how many traffic lights will be safe.
PS where are the parents of these motorcycle unlicensed no helmet riders, where are the police their presence outside the schools would be a start.


Chris C-Using phone and / drink while driving


Thomas L-Enforcement of crash helmets will save many lives
And stricter driving tests


Lindsay C-Hi.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Khao Noi with its unparalleled number of grates… that just get clogged with paper with heavy rain,  has to be more than likely the worst excuse for a road that I have witnessed to date on this planet.
Along with the mind-numbing grate totals, bitumen patchwork, and massive corrugations throughout its entirety…inconceivable amounts of motorbikes thunder relentlessly with open exhausts blazing unabashedly with no helmets and at speeds inconsistent with the regulations stipulated in that region.
Added to the mix is the amount of underage,  clearly unlicensed motorbike riders,  sometimes three up, completing the recipe for disaster,  being an integral ingredient in the aforementioned culmination of the hazards relating to the “road” which is Khao Noi.
Phil I-
Wow, you really have set yourselves up.
The traffic hazard is the Thai drivers and I use the term drivers very loosely.
How many adjectives can I use?
Useless, Inept, Stupid, Inexperienced, Brainless, Myopic, Thoughtless, and the list goes on and on and on…….
Brian H-
Drivers need to learn how to drive a car properly and slow down “Speed Kills “
James M-
That bend on Soi Buakhaow always does my head in when walking
David S-
Those white paint rumble strips. Noticed a huge increase in bikes with no taillights, probably due to the strips. As a cyclist, they are borderline dangerous. All along Pratumnak road, for even the smallest junction they have them, then none at the major (police box) junction.
Tom S-
Soi dogs, and those darn moving trees and posts that the Thai drivers can’t seem to avoid
Stewart M-
Much of the worst Thai driving, like many of the worst aspects of Thai behavior, are down to “face”. ie I have to go first, I must pull out in front of you, I have to show how important I am, I have to overtake, however dangerous and pointless. I am so important, the rules don’t apply to me. These attitudes, are often fatal, as well as an inability to anticipate, see danger, or act appropriately when it occurs.
That is all for this week. We will have a new talkback early this week, stay tuned! Thank you for your support and readership!
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