The Mall Group Marches Strategically Forward onto DIGITAL COMMERCE RETAIL Launches GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM the Ultimate E-COMMERCE Supermarket

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The Mall Group continuously charges forward on their digital commerce strategic roadmap, carting a complete selection of food products and groceries onto the E-COMMERCE platform, launching the GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM website.

This strategic move establishes the POSITIONING of the WORLD CLASS GOURMET DESTINATION, the ultimate supermarket of world-class standards. The online gourmet market will be complete with quality products, from basic ingredients to the best fine dining foods, both locally and internationally sourced. The highlight is on the FRESH PRODUCTS group and a variety of imported goods.

The supermarket’s unique strategy comes with FOODIE-TAINMENT that offers a new level of shopping experience that will become a solution for every new gen’s lifestyle. This platform will provide ease and convenience with a one-click stop, for fresh quality products from every corner of the world, delivered to your doorstep nationwide. 


Miss Voralak Tulaphorn: Chief Marketing Officer, The Mall Group Co., Ltd., stated, “The Mall Group marches forward, trailblazing to be the FUTURE RETAIL in accordance with plans to transform the retail business into a complete omnichannel that combines the ONLINE and OFFLINE together seamlessly.  This will allow the customers to have a seamless shopping experience that is flawless. We will never stop growing, developing, and creating new services to complete the omnichannel platform and to continuously strengthen it. This year, we have launched our website, WWW.MONLINE.COM, a LIVE PERSONAL SHOPPER service, and the Paragon VIRTUAL STORE.

We are now ready to bring our Gourmet Market onto a complete DIGITAL PLATFORM by launching the website GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM. This will once again establish our POSITIONING as the WORLD CLASS GOURMET DESTINATION, the ultimate supermarket of world-class standards. The online gourmet market will be complete with quality products, from basic ingredients to the best fine dining foods, both locally and internationally sourced. We aim to be the ONLINE PREMIUM SUPERMARKET through the unique strategy, FOODIE-TAINMENT, that offers a new level of shopping experience.

This will become the solution for every new gen’s lifestyle, which provides ease and convenience with a one-click stop for fresh quality products, from every corner of the world, delivered nationwide to your doorstep. We will cater to every target group from the Gourmet Market, especially those who love to search for quality products and select only the best there is.  

We have targeted for traffic to bring in over 3 million pageviews/month in the first trimester of the launch of the website, GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM


Mr. Supawut Chaiprasitkul; Vice President Supermarket & Food, The Mall Group Co., Ltd., stated, “The website, GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM, will showcase our strengths and uniqueness through “PREMIUM SELECTIONS” in order to establish once again our status as the WORLD CLASS GOURMET DESTINATION and NO.1 FRESH PRODUCTS, the ultimate supermarket of world-class standards. It will become the platform that has the most complete selection of quality products, including raw ingredients and fine dining from all across the globe, with superior quality and guaranteed freshness. Gourmet Market is considered the leading premium Thai supermarket brand that is well-known and popularly accepted by both Thais and foreigners for its uniqueness in the products offered and the best services. Therefore, as we move forward with our online services, we are determined to offer the same delightful shopping experience to our customers, for both the STORE and the ONLINE PLATFORM. The main strategy for   GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM includes:  

  • COMPLETE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO an extensive product list that is the solution for every target customer group’s lifestyle
  • O2O SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE a flawless shopping experience of O2O: OFFLINE TO ONLINE that includes SOCIAL MEDIA through CHAT & SHOP and call to order
  • EXTRAORDINARY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE special shopping experience with exclusive promotional campaigns and enjoyment from many FOODIE-TAINMENT  experiences to the variety of POP UP EVENTS
  • LOYALTY PROGRAM & PARTNER PRIVILEGES a special loyalty program exclusively for over 4.5 million M CARD members, which also includes the many special privileges and promotions from our joint forces with collaborating business partners.
  • PERSONALIZATION & CUSTOMIZATION, LIFESTYLE INSPIRED CONTENTS & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, building a community through interesting contents and fun events that will continuously inspire each and every customer, which includes shopping by lifestyle that links the ONLINE – OFFLINE seamlessly 


The website, GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM, has gathered a collection of quality products, including raw ingredients to fine dining from all around the world, for customers to shop products of over 10,000 items covering 12 categories that are prepared to cater to both Thais and foreigners alike. 


  • EXCLUSIVE @ GOURMET EXCLUSIVE products from every corner of the world, including products from Europe, the USA, Asia, and much more. There are leading brands, such as Franprix, Well&Good, CACAOLAT, MURAGLIA, CJ, Urbani, and much more. Also, don’t miss Gourmet Market’s SIGNATURE soups, made with the best ingredients, including mantis shrimp soup, mushroom soup, and salmon cream soup. Another specialty here is the YOU HUNT WE COOK that offers a personal CHEF into your homes with a variety of menus, such as spaghetti carbonara, salmon with mushroom sauce, mussels in white wine sauce, and much more.          
  • MY MEAT FAVORITE – unique in the RANGE of quality beef offered and imported from the leading countries known for their beef production, including Japan, South Korea, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. The supermarket covers every grade and type of beef, including MATSUSAKA, WAGYU ANGUS, and organic grass-fed cows. Also, look for JAMES MADISON PREMIUM BUTCHER SHOP, which has some of the greatest collections of premium beef and fresh sausages, lambs from AUSTRALIA TASMANIA JM. We also offer international standards, local premium quality DRY AGED beef, as we support our local farmers, and more. 
  • 7 SEA SEAFOOD – we bring the sea to you with seafood from the 7 oceans of the world in one place. We offer both fresh seafood, packaged goods, and organic seafood, such as the Loch Duart salmon, the Barramundi fillet,  Tiger prawns size NO.1, and grade A crab meats. There are also premium affordable caviars offered, such as the Siberian Caviar and the Beluga Caviar. 
  • SEASONAL FRUIT – the best produce from sources in Thailand and other corners of the world. The delicious and quality fruits are guaranteed to be fresh and safe with the accepted international standards. The farms of these fruits are also unique, including Siam Ruby Pomelo, Loong Daeng coconut farm, golden kiwi fruits, blueberries, and fresh cherries from the USA.
  • GOURMET NATURAL – a collection of produce for health lovers and environmentalists, complete with ORGANIC products that include fruits and vegetables, seasonings, ready-to-eat foods, SNACKS, and bakery ingredients from Thai brands to imports. There are also products produced from natural ingredients, HOME CARE and PERSONAL CARE, and hypoallergenic products for the extra sensitive consumers or also called the SENSITIVE  ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS.
  • CHEESE & CHARCUTERIE – heaven for cheese lovers, ham, and cold cut lovers, gathered from the best sources. We offer a wide variety from around the world, including SOFT, HARD, BLUE, CHEDDAR, MOZZARELLA, FETA, FRESH CHEESE, Ambrosi, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and much more.

    • ASIAN GROCERIES – gathering a collection of must-have seasonings and spices from well-known markets in Thailand and abroad, especially popular places in Asia and Europe. These premium quality ingredients have been meticulously selected, including fresh produce, dry products, health products, and organic products, such as the Hill Tribe organic eggs and premium shrimp paste from Mae Klong.
    • IMPORTED CHOCOLATE & SWEETS – popular well-known chocolate and confectionery brands from many countries around the world, including Japan, South Korea, USA, Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy, Australia, and the UK. There are categories of cookies, crackers, biscuits, candies, nuts, and chocolates to select from with over 200 brands. 
    • COFFEE BREAK & TEA TIME – for Tea and coffee addicts, we offer more specialty coffee groups, capsule coffees, ground coffees, and special blend coffees. The selection process starts from the plantation source to the process of grinding, with over 15 brands, including STARBUCKS, DOLCE GUSTO, DUCHESS, ILLY, DAO, DOI CHAANG, YODDOI, WAWEE, SUZUKI, UCC, BON CAFÉ, AROMA, and DOITUNG. Furthermore, there are premium teas, instant coffees, 3-in-1 coffees, both locally sourced and imported goods. 
    • MOM & BABY – For the group of mothers and their children, we cover every type of product, including products in the ORGANIC or SENSITIVE categories. We also offer foods, consumer goods, baby supplies, and other cleaning tools, such as Peachy baby food, Merries tape diapers, and pant diapers, Baybee spray for cleaning toys, and much more.
  • BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE – We offer products that cover every category from head to toe. Moreover, we have imported many hair-care products from a variety of countries, including those from the famous HAIR SALONS, exclusively at GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM. Also, look forward to a variety of facial skin care products and a variety of genuine cosmetic brands.
  • PET CLUB SELECTED – a selection of pet foods and a variety of other pet products that include wet foods and dry foods for both dogs and cats. There are also a variety of snacks and toys locally sourced in Thailand or imported from other countries.  


Other than all the complete selection of products, customers who shop through GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM will experience the delightful PERSONALIZED SERVICE that caters to the customer’s every need, including seasonal gift hamper services, such as New Years gift hampers and Birthday gift hampers. We also deliver all across the nation.


Enjoy the special offers during the launch. For new customers shopping through GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM for the first time:

 – Enter the code “GMFIRST” to receive an additional discount of 100 baht, when making purchases of 500 baht, limited to the first 1,000 shoppers + free delivery with no minimum purchase, from June 25th – July 31st, 2021. 

 – Or enter the code “GM100”  to receive an additional discount of 100 baht, when making purchases of 1,000 baht, limited to the first 3,000 shoppers, from June 14th – December 31st, 2021. 


Also, a special free delivery privilege, without a minimum purchase amount, no need to enter any codes, limited to 1 account/ 2 privileges/ month. Customers can choose the standard delivery service of 100 baht (or ordinarily free delivery for 800 baht purchases and more) or express delivery at 100 baht (or ordinarily free delivery for 2500 baht purchases and more). Customers can find more details on the delivery time frame, and terms and conditions of delivery on the website,, from June 14th – September 30th, 2021.  


For customers who would like to shop in person, these products are also available at all of Gourmet Market’s 17 branches, including at The Emporium, EmQuartier, Siam Paragon, The Mall Lifestore Ngamwongwan, The Mall Bangkae, The Mall Bangkapi, The Mall Thapra, The Mall Ramkhamhaeng, The Mall Korat, Terminal 21 (Asok), The Promenade, The Crystal SB Ratchapruek, Ladprao MRT Station, Don Mueng International Airport, Design Village Phutthamonthon Sai 3, People Park Onnut, and Bluport Hua Hin. An extra special offer for the Thonburi residents, get ready for the new GOURMET MARKET, The Mall Lifestore Thapra that has been transformed into a European Outdoor Market on an area of over 5,000 sqm., which offers a complete range of premium products from raw ingredients to fine dining from around the world.  


Come experience Gourmet Market, WORLD CLASS GOURMET DESTINATION, now at GOURMETMARKETTHAILAND.COM, the ultimate world-class supermarket. Shop from anywhere nationwide, 24 hours a day, with ease and convenience, a one-stop click for fresh produce from around the world. 

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