Press Release: iDeal: A new perspective on F&B branding and distribution in Thailand

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iDeal: A new perspective on F&B branding and distribution in Thailand.


Prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic era, iDeal is using e-commerce and digital platforms to launch products before making them available
through traditional retail channels.

Based in Bangkok, iDeal is a leading FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) distributor of food, beverages, fine wines & spirits from all over the world to retailers, restaurants, hotels, private companies and
individual customers in Thailand.

Our company was founded by professionals who are passionate about
great-tasting and premium quality products, accompanied by constant
dedication for cooking and discovering delicious new tastes from various foods all around the world.

Quality products that meet all of your gourmet needs.


Cultural diversity has turned Bangkok into a culinary and gastronomic
melting pot in the region. Customers demand the highest standards for
food and wines and hotels and restaurants must meet this demand. At
iDeal, we assist them by catering to their unique requirements.

More and more consumers are looking for a wider variety of choices and want to experience wines, beverages, and food from different countries.

We at iDeal aim to fulfill their demand.  We offer a value proposition
that is based on quality products at competitive prices.

We have received great feedback from our customers in the retail,
restaurant and hotel sectors and have gained the trust of owners of
famous, award-winning brands from around the world such as Nardini, Riso Grazia, Olmaia, Olio02, Serato, Bera, Contrade, Animal Love…

Quality You Expect…Service You Deserve!


Our real passion? Helping our customers across the foodservice industry by providing both quality products and smart business solutions.

At iDeal, we go beyond just product delivery. We work closely to
understand your needs and help you find the right mix, the right price,
and consistent quality. We exceed your expectations and deliver
shipments on time. You can also count on us to share ideas, inspiration, partnership, expertise, and a can-do attitude – wherever you are and whatever your business- be it Modern Trade, Food Service, Catering, Retail, or Hospitality. After all, just bettering the competition isn’t just a goal – it’s also a commitment to be the best.

Tomorrow’s FMCG brand experience.


As consumers in Thailand’s top cities spend more time shopping for
groceries online, at iDeal we are accelerating the launch of
digital-first brands and rolling out more online-specific brands.

From organic olive oil and coffee to beverages and cold cuts, we are
already launching a lot of great products.

“The pandemic has led to a shift in the shopping behavior of consumers with the propensity for online shopping increasing. Targeting this emerging trend, we have already started launching a series of products exclusively for online markets. In the past few months, we have launched several products, especially for sale via e-commerce channels. Many more such online-exclusive product launches are currently in the pipeline” Alexey Poltavskiy, iDeal’s Sales Development Director, said.

We bring smart F&B business solutions to the table.


A one-stop FMCG distribution company. We are offering a wide selection of food and beverage products imported from all over the world, including brands manufactured locally in Thailand. All our products adhere to and comply with the quality and certifications as required by the national and international market.

We build the brands we represent by maintaining consistent product
quality and thus ensure a wholesome & satisfactory customer experience.

Together with our suppliers and retail partners, we are developing a
cross-channel cost-effective marketing strategy using an optimized
product and brand mix. Introducing new products to the market and making customers aware of the unique selling points of global brands.
Our strategy is aimed at building long-term market recognition and brand value for all our different brands.

We are proud to be wholesale suppliers of quality Food and Beverage
products for the whole country!

For more information, please contact:

Jean Baptiste Caudal, Head of Marketing
Tel: +66632707100

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providing turnkey services for diverse business sectors. Our passion for
delivering consistent top-performing campaigns is rooted in the legacy
of our experience in running and operating multiple businesses.

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