The Bistro in Pattaya continues to support the needy during Covid-19 crisis with the help of sponsors

Pattaya, Thailand-

The Bistro, a well-known restaurant on Soi Yamato 13/1 in Pattaya that recently got many votes during our own reader talkback around people’s favorite places to eat in Pattaya, has been supporting the needy, homeless, and those who simply need a meal during the current Covid-19 crisis in the Pattaya area.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many businesses, especially the large entertainment industry, are currently closed in Pattaya. As a result, many other businesses that depend on the traffic from these venues for their own business, like hotels, are also closed or have laid off many staff.  This has led to an increase in the homeless and those on a very limited income in Pattaya, a city that depends on tourism, both domestic and foreign, for about 80% of its GDP. With borders still closed to foreign tourists without quarantine and domestic tourists either nervous about Covid-19 or unwilling to visit Pattaya with the entertainment sector shut, the area has been very quiet.

Luckily, many groups and individuals have stepped up, include the Bistro in Pattaya, their owners, staff, and sponsors.

The following photos are courtesy of the Bistro. These were from yesterday, June 14th, and is the 16th time they have helped the local community over the past year and have so far handed out over 4,800 meals according to their Facebook, which you can see here.  They also go into the local community and directly seek out homeless and those most in need and provide them with a meal as well. They also specifically named the following sponsors who have recently helped:

Thomas & Kantima Brandl
Switzerland and Thailand
Heinz Haering from Reinach & Peter Stuss from Pattaya (Papi from Restaurant Heidelberg Bangkok)
Dr. Martin Kim Pattaya
Simon Bianchi Chiang Mai
Walti Grütter Zurich
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