Chonburi province announces 53 new, confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus this morning, vaccine registration for foreigners

Chonburi –

The Chonburi Department of Public Health announced 53 new and confirmed cases of Covid-19 today, June 7th.

This makes a total of 5,010 cases of Covid-19 in the current round of infections, with 921 still in medical care, and with a total of 30 recorded deaths in Chonburi since the start of this recent round of infections in early April.


Additionally, 4,059 people in total have now been released from medical care and fully recovered since this current wave of infections began. 65 people were released yesterday.

The district-level new cases were as follows today:

Mueang Chonburi with 17, Si Racha with 19, Banglamung (including Pattaya) 10, Phanat Nikhom 2, Ban Bueng 2, and Pan Thong 3.


The details on the cases are as follows:

1. Close contact at a market (linked to a new market cluster) 1 case 2. Close contact with a previous patient (linked to Bang Sai Community) 1 case 3. Close contact with a previous patient (linked to a social gathering) 1 person 4. 11 migrant workers from a camp/dormitory in the Si Racha District 5. Close contacts: 5.1 2 family members of previously confirmed cases 5.2 14 co-workers of previously confirmed patients, mostly from prior clusters 6. Close contacts (Which are under investigation) 14 cases 7. 9 cases are under general investigation.


On the last day, a total of 233 close contacts were tested from contact tracing, and 851 people were tested in proactive testing when medical staff goes out into the community. All are pending results.


Today begins the national mass vaccination program in Thailand for the government vaccine program, although the number of doses and vaccines vary greatly from province to province and the overall campaign is more of a marathon than a sprint. The distribution of vaccines in terms of supply is set by the central government, although the registration and sign-up to be vaccinated is set by local and regional governments, which is why the process varies so greatly from area to area. Chonburi has NOT yet set a general registration method for foreign residents like some provinces, such as Surat Thani or Chiang Mai, due to supply constraints.


It is possible that “some” foreign hospitals may accept registration for an eventual vaccination for foreigners, although the majority locally have, so far, stated they will not be doing so, even for foreign residents with medical records on file, until they have a better idea of their supply.  Chonburi is working on securing more vaccines according to the Pattaya Mayor but needs the green light from the government to purchase them. Keep in mind, a registration gives no guarantee of WHEN you will get vaccinated or what vaccine it will be in most cases.


As every province varies in terms of its supply of Covid-19 vaccines and registration methods, we cannot possibly list every area and how they are registering. As stated, many are not yet registering foreign residents. Although the Thai government said foreigners can start registering from today, June 7th, that is a STARTING date and not an ON/GUARANTEED date for registration and may vary greatly from area to area. We would advise Chonburi residents to inquire at their local government hospitals, keeping in mind that most based on information we have been given, are not yet allowing foreigner registration and many are stating they have no vaccines at all, even ones that have been listed by the government has getting them.


In terms of paid vaccines, such as Moderna, at private hospitals, some are allowing registration, but it is also a situation of hospitals having no idea when or how many they will get and it could be a long wait. As hospital policies are changing sometimes even daily, we are not going to give a definitive list here and encourage our readers to contact their private hospitals on their own.


In terms of municipality registration and signup, you can check with your own local office, we would suggest having a Thai speaker assist. The city call center for Pattaya, 1337, may be able to give basic information. Again, we advise that there is NO general foreign registration for Chonburi YET due to lack of supply, but some individual sub-districts or municipalities MAY allow a foreigner to register, and they MAY not. As supplies of vaccines increase, this will likely change.


We understand the situation is frustrating, not just for foreign nationals, but many Thai nationals as well due to long wait lists and limited supplies.

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