Si Racha zoo celebrates the 1st birthday of a young tapir

Si Racha, Chonburi –

The Khao Keow Open Zoo celebrated the first birthday of their popular baby tapir with a special large birthday fruit and vegetable cake yesterday (June 1st).

The video of the event is here:

The manager of the zoo, Mr. Taewin Ranatawongsawat, told The Pattaya News reporters, “The adorable tapir’s name is ‘Bai Song’ (2 PM in the Thai language). Yes, they got the name because they were born at 2:00 P.M. one year before and they have grown up during a difficult period due to the Covid-19 pandemic and long periods of time without guests to the zoo. However, Bai Song appears to be quite happy overall.”

“Yesterday was the first birthday of Bai Song. We celebrated the birthday with a big cake of fresh fruits and vegetables which is their favorite food.” Taewin continued.

“Bai Song has celebrated the birthday with their nine-year-old mother and ten-year-old father. Our visitors are very happy to see them as well.” Taewin stated.

“Tapir are one of Thailand’s protected animals and is currently endangered. They are peaceful herbivores and can still be found in the wild in Thailand on a limited basis, especially in Western Thailand. They are also known to inhabit Khao Sok National Park. They live up to thirty years so Bai Song likely has a long, full life ahead of them. They tend to be nocturnal and shy naturally although the tapir’s at the zoo are more used to people and not as naturally shy.” Taewin concluded.



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