Japanese families donate 2000 sets of shoes, rain boots, and sporting goods to needy kids in Pattaya with the assistance of the Pattaya Japanese Association (PJA)

Pattaya, Thailand-

(The following is a press release. Their statements are their own. The PJA has a news-sharing agreement with TPN media, however, is not owned or operated by The Pattaya News)

On the 22nd of May 2021, 2000 sets of shoes, rain boots, sporting goods, and other supplies were donated from Japanese children in Japan to kids at the Father Ray Foundation and the Human Help Network in Pattaya, via the PJA(Pattaya Japanese Association).

All supplies were donated by Japanese kids with the kind custom of Japanese to present second-hand items from elder brothers and sisters to younger brothers and sisters voluntarily.

These donations were collected by the Japanese NPO “SB.HeartStation” at a school in Japan, with the cooperation of students, parents, and PTAs. They were sent to Pattaya with the help of the PJA(Pattaya Japanese Association).

The following are photos of the families and kids in Japan sending and putting together the shoes and packages.

Photo credit:SB.HeartStation(Japan) via PJA NEWS

On the 22nd of May, the donations were successfully delivered to the Father Ray Foundation and Human Help Network in Pattaya by the PJA(Pattaya Japanese Association). Here are some photos of that delivery.

Photo credit:PJA NEWS

All these donations were presented to kids at the Father Ray Foundation and Human Help Network in Pattaya, the kids appeared to be extremely excited for such a significant and kind donation from “elder brothers and sisters” in Japan! See for yourself below! As a note, the children live together in a “safe and sealed” environment currently due to Covid-19 and thus there was no ceremony or mixing with outsiders as visitors are currently not allowed. As they live together, that is why masks are not seen in the photos below.

Photo credit: Human Help Network

Here are some videos of the donation from the Human Help Network and Father Ray Foundation(Pattaya).




For this donation from Japanese society, The embassy of Japan in Thailand issued the following message:

Message from the Embassy of Japan in Thailand

Today, we give thanks for the efforts of NPO SB Heart Station and PJA(Pattaya
Japanese Association). We were notified that many donations like sporting goods,
shoes, stationery, etc from Japanese schoolchildren were delivered to students and
kids at the Father Ray Foundation earlier this week.

Now, it is not easy to do donations well currently to prevent possible Covid-19 infection, but many people in Japan and Thailand are continuing to support children in need which gives us great assurance and pride. They overcame great obstacles to get these needed supplies to the children in Pattaya.

Each child has irreplaceable potential, we hope that the children will grow
up without any worries, and play an important role as a leader in society
throughout Thailand, including Chonburi and Pattaya.

And we would like to express our sincere respect to all the teachers from the
Father Ray Foundation and the Human Help Network for their many efforts and
kindness for children.

May 22, 2021
Embassy of Japan in Thailand


The following is a picture from a previous donation put together by the PJA (pre-covid) as this is not the first time teams have come together to help those in need. However, due to Covid-19, the circumstances this time were much more difficult and the ceremony portion seen below from 2019 was cut out.

Here is an article from the prior donation, in Thai, in 2019.


Additionally, here is a video from the prior donation in 2019.


The English article from the 2019 donation


English video from the 2019 donation


PJA is planning to execute another round of donations next year when Covid-19 restrictions and measures have hopefully subsided and will make the process easier.

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