Bangsaen beach continues to crack down on social groups and drinking alcohol, mayor warns they may entirely close beach if it continues

Bangsaen Beach, Saensuk-

The Mayor of Saensuk, where popular Bangsaen Beach is located, warned on his social media accounts earlier this morning that if police continue to have to break up and arrest people for socializing and drinking on the beach then they may consider closing the beach entirely.

Narongchai Khunplome, the younger brother of Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Khunplome, made the announcement this morning on his Facebook, along with posting multiple pictures of people allegedly violating current Covid-19 restrictions and measures in the province.

Due to Covid-19, beaches in Chonburi have currently been ordered by the Chonburi Governor, Phakkhrathon Thianchai, to be open only for exercise. This essentially bans eating and drinking in groups, socializing, and other similar activities. The Pattaya News notes that different beaches have their own regulations and measures. Some beaches, such as the Royal Thai Navy Beach, have closed entirely. Some, like Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach, do not allow anyone on the sand or to swim and have closed down all umbrella vendors, with people only able to officially walk, bike, or exercise on the sidewalks nearby.

Bangsaen Beach, however, has remained open and has been more “lenient” in terms of the rules, but the Mayor warned today that if people keep using the beach to gather and socialize, especially around alcohol, they may have to take stricter measures and ask the Governor to completely close the beach. Technically, under the Emergency Decree and Communicable Disease Act, all gatherings designed for socializing or mingling outside of direct household members at home are against the law, according to the Thai government.

Alcohol has actually always been banned on local beaches, although rarely enforced due to the beaches being popular tourist destinations. However, due to Covid-19, the drinking of alcohol on beaches has been strictly enforced.

Mayor Khunplome asked for cooperation from local residents, stating he wanted them to enjoy the beach but to stop gathering in large groups and especially stop using the beach to party and drink alcohol.

All photos courtesy Narongchai Khunplome’s official Facebook.

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