Koh Larn to remain closed to non-residents until at least the end of May

Koh Larn is closed until at least May 31st to non residents.

Koh Larn, Pattaya-

The popular tourist island of Koh Larn announced late last night, May 18th, 2021, on their social media accounts that the local council that has authority on the island voted and decided to keep the island closed to non-residents.

The closure of the island will last until at least May 31st, 2021.

Koh Larn had previously been closed until May 20th, which would have been tomorrow in terms of allowing the island to reopen to non-residents.

According to Koh Larn council authorities, although the situation in Chonburi has improved significantly over the past several weeks, keeping the island closed to non-residents will continue for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is concern about people from other provinces and areas, such as Bangkok, that are having ongoing issues with Covid-19 coming to visit the island. Additionally, beaches are currently still closed in Chonburi except for exercise, which means sitting, relaxing, eating, and sunbathing are all currently prohibited. Indeed, Pattaya and Jomtien beaches have actually at a local level stopped people from stepping onto the sand entirely or going for a swim.

It is important to note that the Governor of Chonburi will likely need to issue an official order and agree with the council’s decision, but this is mostly a formality and it is nearly certain now the island will remain closed until the end of the month except for residents.

Koh Larn is nearly entirely reliant on tourism for their local economy and even without foreign tourists currently was regularly attracting thousands of domestic tourists, many from Bangkok, especially on weekends prior to the recent closure order. Although significant for the economy, concern around Covid-19 possibly getting a hold on the island or attracting domestic tourists to Pattaya in general who is working on recovering from Covid-19 was a major risk, according to island leaders.

The rules in place for Koh Larn currently are as follows:

Local residents may not travel or leave the island and there will be 100% access control. (Unless there is a necessary need to leave.)

There will be a screening point at Bali Hai Pier for both Covid-19 health measures and to ensure that only residents are entering the island.

If there is someone who is not a resident of the island, such as a delivery person or workers who need to enter the island, they need to provide certificate documents from their employers.

Non – residents who have an essential need to enter Koh Larn must ask for permission from the Covid -19 Local Administration Centre and must have someone on Koh Larn who can confirm they need to go to Koh Larn at least one day before. (inform 081-5830430 Khun Tao).

Residents on Koh Larn who have problems with respiratory symptoms and/or fever within 14 days please contact the Koh Larn Community Medical Center 038-434144.

Other rules are:

  • Residents are asking (not ordering) people to consider staying only at home.
  • All gatherings of any size outside of your direct house members are being requested to not take place unless essential. ANY social gatherings, for example, gathering for alcohol or to eat with people not from your direct household are not allowed, similar to Pattaya and Jomtien.
  • No lottery sellers or other vendors from the Pattaya area will be allowed during this period.
  • Packages and letters for residents must be sent at the pier or in front of accommodation.
  • Ferries to Koh Larn (Not for tourists) depart from the Bali Hai Pier and Koh Larn at 7:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.
  • No passengers are allowed on boats and cargo ships for fresh food and goods to and from Koh Larn.
  • Moving of workers is currently not allowed.
  • Other rules must follow the recent orders from the Chonburi governor

For more information please call the Koh Larn Covid -19 Center 095-2104720

Photo: Koh Larn Public Relations

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