HungryNow expanding their quality food delivery service to all of Chonburi on the 14th of May!

Chonburi, Thailand-

HungryNow, well known in Pattaya for being an outstanding, high-quality food delivery service, is coming to all of Chonburi in the middle of May!

You haven’t heard of HungryNow? Well, let’s take a moment to get you up to speed.

HungryNow started in Pattaya during the first Covid-19 “lockdown” last year, 2020, and although many businesses would not want to start during this time they stepped up to the challenge, recognizing that people wanted to stay home and stay safe, as well as having a quality food service.

That basic idea has expanded into HungryNow now supporting hundreds of local restaurants, with more being added every single week, providing FREE delivery for within 20 kilometers of their delivery zones (which is far beyond that of many competitors), and always changing discounts and deals.

By the way, in terms of their discounts and deals, they are for everyone! Not just “certain” customers or needing secret passwords or other methods…their deals are easy to find, updated regularly, and consistently competitive. They regularly have 50% off deals and deals in which you can even get cashback for everyone!

Another big value proposition of HungryNow is they are owned and operated locally…not overseas by many other larger food delivery companies. We all have had that difficult situation when we have a question or even complaint but have to go through a call center located in a foreign country….that doesn’t happen as HungryNow staff are actually live and work in Chonburi – just like you! They know the local roads, the local people, and are actual members of the community!

Speaking of living and working in Chonburi, HungryNow also recognizes that people in Chonburi are very diverse and not everyone speaks Thai (or English.) They have customer service support staff that speak Thai and English and are able to communicate with you in the method that you prefer.

We mentioned earlier that HungryNow launched during the first round of Covid-19 last year. They have learned a lot about safe, socially distanced food delivery and ensuring that all Covid-19 hygiene and safety standards are followed, keeping you and their riders safe at all times. This continues to be a top priority for HungryNow just as it is for most of their customers.

HungryNow is scheduled to soft launch in Chonburi in Mid-May, and we will be having a lot more information coming out on this as the date gets closer. For now, we wanted to make you all aware that they are coming soon so make sure you download their application here and get ready for great promos, deals, and a kick-off event for their expansion! Hundreds of restaurants have already joined up even well before launch in Chonburi and can’t wait to go ahead and let you try their delicious meals soon!

In addition, the expansion to Chonburi adds much-needed jobs for delivery drivers, marketing, office staff, customer service, and more in a time when many local businesses are closing or forced to close due to Covid-19 restrictions. This will help support the local community and provide many local residents with a steady, reliable income to support themselves and their families.

Stay tuned! Great things are coming!

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About HungryNow

HungryNow is a fast and reliable food delivery service in Pattaya connecting people with the best restaurants in the city. They do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. 

They started by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility — easier evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets, and stronger communities.

HungryNow is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, and has the first branch office in Pattaya and the second coming up in Chonburi. For more information, please visit


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