This week last year in Thailand: It feels a lot like Deja Vu as entertainment venues remain closed, beaches open only for exercise on sidewalks, restaurants ask for looser restrictions, and more


The following is a weekly feature article looking at this same time period LAST year in Pattaya and Thailand news.

This weekly feature takes a look back at news from the same period last year (and sometimes different time windows, such as six months or three months) to see how things have changed, following up on the progression of stories, as well as look at potentially broken promises or things that didn’t take place as promised in Pattaya and Thailand.

As we publish dozens of stories a week this is a quick way for people to take a look at what the biggest stories were a year ago, as chosen by our editorial team, and how they impact us today and relate to current news. They are in no particular order of importance, however, are in order of publication. This week, we cover the FIRST week of May 2020, from Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 to Saturday, May 9th, 2020. They are roughly in order of publication.

1. Pattaya business owners meet to discuss precautions and measures for re-opening

Did anyone think that one year later such a meeting may be needed again in the near future as once again entertainment venues have been closed for about a month?

Pattaya City Entertainment venue owners meet to discuss suggestions for Covid19 safety measures for potential reopening

2.  Restaurants in Pattaya adjust to new dine-in rules and regulations

One year later, dine-in is currently closed completely. Is it time to return to these measures, that some say are over the top, or should they stay closed completely?

Restaurants in Pattaya adjust to the new dine-in Covid-19 rules and regulations

3.  Pattaya City slightly eases rules on beaches, allows walking and exercise on beach paths

Who would have thought that a year later (yes, this is a reoccurring theme this week) once again the actual beaches, at least in Central Pattaya, are closed to usage but people can walk on the sidewalks?

Pattaya City slightly eases restrictions in beach areas, exercise on beach sidewalks and promenades officially ok effective May 9

4.  Koh Larn remains closed to tourists and visitors

Once again, another story that is, sadly, the same in 2021.

Koh Larn opens up slightly for residents only, non residents and tourists still prohibited

5.  Chonburi officials explain why beaches remain closed for swimming, sitting, field many complaints

Not much more needs to be said about the strong feeling of Deja Vu this year.

Chonburi officials explain why local beaches will remain closed until further notice

6. Complaints continue to pour in over restaurant rules separating family members, table seating rules, and more

Let us hope when dine-in returns that this particular set of rules does not.

Confusion, complaints over dine-in restaurant regulations in Pattaya from customers and owners

7.  Two Cambodian nationals walk EIGHT DAYS to get home after losing jobs due to Covid-19

This was a major story last year, showing the extent of the measures and restrictions and how it affected many people.

Two Cambodian nationals walk eight days from Lop Buri to Sa Kaeo to attempt to go home after losing jobs due to Covid-19

8.  Three foreigners arrested for swimming on Pattaya area beach

This was a major story last year. Let us hope this isn’t repeated, as this particular story polarized people, with opinions all over the place.

Three foreigners arrested for swimming on Pattaya area beaches, allegedly refusing to listen to soft warnings

That is all for this week. We apologize if it feels like Deja Vu, but this year is eerily similar to last year.

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