Reader Talkback Results: Should Thailand enact more restrictions, closures, shutdowns, or even a total lockdown to try to control Covid-19?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

Reader Talkback: Should Thailand enact more restrictions, closures, shutdowns, or even a total lockdown to try to control Covid-19?

The question had this context:

If they should have additional measures, should it be nationwide?  Should there be significant financial aid given for business closures and people (millions) who would be out of work? What should that aid look like? What should the timetable for the restrictions be? Should a cost/benefit analysis like some from the Thai economic sector are asking for be considered before additional restrictions? What would the roadmap for exiting the restrictions be? What threshold should be considered for lifting restrictions?

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John H-Should follow the UK lead and put in place severe restrictions with huge fines or even jail time if restrictions are abused

Tejas-Lockdown is not a solution for preventing Covid spread. It was necessary last year because of Government system training, medics to update for dealing with the pandemic and spreading awareness to the general population, at the huge cost of the economy.
Now, a lockdown for the red zone or high infection zones is required to block the chain.
Speedy vaccination planning, spreading awareness at the mass level through all media, increasing RTPCR testing and covid protocol training to all service industry staff Like public transport employees, taxi drivers, waiters, shopping mall staff, and other entertainment employees, can control the spread of Covid without affecting the economy.  As far as, nightlife venues are concerned, they should adopt a strict admission policy for permitting staff and guests only upon vaccination certificates for closed air-conditioned venues. Even alcohol should be served in disposable plastic premix glasses to avoid touching through more hands. Joint positive efforts without blaming the government and system can only prevent further COVID spread with minimum damage to the economy.

Charlie B-The lesson from last year globally was the earlier and harder you act, the shorter the pain. Songkran was the time to bite the bullet and “firebreak” while many factories and offices (which are the biggest part of the economy) were closed anyway. An opportunity missed and so the “medicine” will be more unpalatable and last longer.

Tim F-Songkran should not have been made 9 days and should have been canceled when the Thonglor outbreak occurred instead of doing nothing. Inter-provincial travel should be banned except for an emergency with a letter authorizing it. Curfew should have been implemented before now but above all, we should have ordered a vaccine last year instead of gloating about how well Thailand had done to control the virus. Complacency and lack of urgency by those in charge have cost dearly

Kevin B-Look we are all suffering dealing with Covid but still, the government is and has not done enough to stop it because they are scared to have a strict lockdown because they don’t have an extensive social security system in place and many Thai’s will be left to starve by the Thai Government

Malcolm J-When is this government going to help the many thousands of Thai people who have lost everything because of this pandemic? I suppose the answer to that is never based on their previous record.

David J-Just stop trying to please everyone and either do a 100% lockdown OR open everything up.

Sifi V-A Total Lockdown and close provincial borders, if not anything else, it will reduce road fatalities

Gary Fox-For what. Record death toll Saturday … ELEVEN … all with underlying conditions, and probably obese too! For this millions are in poverty and lost businesses

Tommit S-A total lockdown would be a horrible decision. The government does not provide enough financial aid as seen by last year and people already struggling would struggle even more. Look at Cambodia right now…all over the news from their lockdown in parts of Phnom Penh as thousands beg for food on social media and police cane people in the streets who leave their home. That is not the right solution.

Joe B-Let people live, no more lockdowns or restrictions – for people scared of covid stay home. Everyone else needs to make a living. Open 100% and get it over with. The world can’t hide forever at some stage people need to eat.

Peter L-Just keep bars, nightclubs, pubs, and entertainment venues closed, preferably forever. Thailand doesn’t need them and is a better country without them. The longer they are closed the more people will find better careers and jobs. It will also cause a lot of the loser ex-pats here to leave which is a win all around.

Jason W-IMHO – They have to make up their minds, either fully lockdown and prevent the spread or allow it to spread through society and continue on as per normal. What is currently happening is destroying businesses and allowing the virus to spread causing these restrictions to drag on longer than needed. Can’t have cake and eat it too.

Craig M-Yes, we need to go full police state lockdown for 2 months and decimate the economy further to save people from a virus that you have a 99.75% chance of surviving in Thailand, never mind that more lives will be lost from starvation or mental health suicides from the people who’ve lost their businesses… clown world.

Paul G- Thailand should focus with laser intensity on purchasing, distributing, and administering vaccines to its citizens and visitors, as quickly as humanly possible. At this point, everything else is pretty much meaningless theater.

Mark J-Stop people moving around for 4/6 weeks will stop the spread, then care for those ill locally, vaccinate ASAP

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