Thailand’s cabinet committee transfers its emergency powers onto Prime Minister to efficiently manage Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand

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Thailand’s cabinet committee has approved a temporary transfer of duties and powers, as demanded in 31 different law acts, from all of the representative ministers to the Prime Minister in order to manage the Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand efficiently.

According to the approval, the Prime Minister will hold the authority to grant permission, approval, order, and command in 31 different law acts to help prevent, correct, and suppress any actions during the emergency situation and/or the resolution of the Covid-19 domestic outbreak.

The 31 law acts are as follows:

  1. The Communicable Disease Act, B.E. 2558
  2. The Drug Act, B.E. 2510
  3. The National Vaccine Act, B.E. 2561
  4. The Navigation in Thai Waters Act, B.E. 2456
  5. The Air Navigation Act, B.E. 2497
  6. The Digital Development for Economy and Society Act, B.E. 2560
  7. The Emergency Medicine Act, B.E. 2551
  8. The Cybersecurity Act, B.E. 2562
  9. The Public Health Act, B.E. 2535
  10. The Immigration Act, B.E. 2522
  11. The Fuel Oils Control Act, B.E. 2542
  12. The Commodities Control Act. B.E. 2495
  13. The Arms Control Act, B.E. 2530
  14. The Medical Devices Act, B.E. 2551
  15. The Land Traffic Act, B.E. 2522
  16. The Ministry of Defense Organization Act, B.E. 2551
  17. The Pathogens and Animal Toxins Act, B.E. 2558
  18. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act, B.E. 2550
  19. The Social Security Act, B.E. 2533
  20. The Motor Vehicle Act, B.E. 2522
  21. The Military Service Act, B.E. 2497
  22. The Hazardous Substance Act, B.E. 2535
  23. The Computer-Related Crime Act, B.E 2550
  24. The Electronic Transactions Act, B.E. 2544
  25. The Prices of Goods and Services Act, B.E. 2542
  26. The Place of Entertainment Act, B.E. 2509
  27. The Sanatoriums Act B.E. 2541
  28. The Health Establishment Act, B.E. 2559
  29. The National Health Security Act, B.E. 2545
  30. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) Act, B.E. 2509
  31. The Food Act, B.E. 2522

Apart from the transferred powers of the cabinet, the Pattaya News noted that Prime Minister Prayut Cha-O’Cha has been holding the authorities of the emergency decree and the head of the government’s task force, as known as the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) under the Office of the National Security Council, since last year to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.


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