UPDATE: New owner of pitbull that killed prior owner brings dog to apologize to ex-owner’s wife at funeral in Pattaya area

PHOTO: Suksa Ketnak

Banglamung, Pattaya, Thailand –

The new owner and the pitbull which mauled it’s ex-owner to death apologized to the wife of the prior owner at a funeral in Pattaya yesterday.

Mr. Wisit Sanguan, 56, who had sustained serious injuries after being attacked by his own pet dog, described as a pitbull on April 15th, had later been pronounced dead by doctors at a local Pattaya hospital on April 16th.

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Yesterday, (April 21st), the new owner of the pitbull, Mr. Suksa Ketnak, and the 2-year-old pitbull went to Mr. Wisit’s funeral at the Banglamung Temple. The dog had been given to the Chonburi Pitbull Club after the prior incident who then found a new home for the dog with Suksa. Suksa has multiple other pitbulls and is, according to his own statements, experienced at dealing with dogs who had problems before or a history of aggression.

The pitbull, named ‘Giant’, was wearing a protective mouth guard for safety reasons. The new owner, Suksa, prayed and apologized to the spirit of Mr. Wisit for the dog’s behavior in accordance with Buddhist tradition. They also apologized to Wisit’s wife who reportedly accepted the apology.

PHOTO: Suksa Ketnak

‘Giant’ showed that he still loves and can remember Mr. Wisit’s wife by wagging his tail and showing signs of happiness, letting relatives pet and play with him. Mr. Wisit’s relatives stated they still care for ‘Giant and have forgiven the dog for the incident.” Suksa told local Thai media.

PHOTO: Suksa Ketnak

The cremation of Mr Wisit will be held today (April 22nd) at 4:00 P.M in Banglamung.


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