UPDATE: Wife of man killed by pet pit bull in Pattaya warns “netizens” of legal action, computer crimes charges, if they make unverified claims of abuse

Pattaya –

The wife of a 56-year-old man killed by his pet bull over the past weekend told Thai media today she will press legal action against “netizens” online who claims her husband abused the dog without any proof.

Mr. Wisit, who was the owner of the two-year-old pitbull named “Giant” that took his life over the past week has been pronounced dead as a result of the attack by the dog.

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His funeral is currently being held at a Banglamung Temple for five days. The Cremation will be held on April 22nd.

Mrs. Wanpen Khumkong, who is Mr. Wisit’s wife, has warned people, referred to as “netizens” who have commented about her husband online and made what she refers to as untrue and unverified accusations. She was speaking to the press from the first day of funeral arrangements for her husband at the Banglamung Temple today.

“These people making false claims online-they were not at the incident, they have no inside knowledge. They did not know what happened. My husband loved the dog very much. He loved it more than me. Many people around my husband also loved him and Giant.” Wanpen stated.

“If people continue to make unverified and untrue comments I will press legal action on them,” Wanpen warned, referring to Thailand’s extremely strict laws around slander, libel, and defamation.

If computer crimes acts were charged against those making comments successfully, The Pattaya News notes, one could face up to seven years in prison. The Pattaya News notes that the Chonburi Pitbull Club, who collected the dog and found another home for the canine, stated they found no evidence of physical abuse to the animal. “Giant” was adopted by a so-called “pit bull expert” in another province with four other pit bulls who specifically work with “problem” animals and helps train them. The Pattaya News notes that euthanization of animals is nearly unheard of in Thailand for religious reasons, even in circumstances such as this incident.


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