Feature: A preview of the top news stories to watch in Thailand for the week ahead: New restrictions start around Covid-19 and more

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The following is our weekly feature in which we take a look at the top developing stories and things to follow over the past week. We are focusing on what is happening for the second week of April, ending April 24th, 2021.

As we publish dozens of stories a week, this allows our readers to get a quick glimpse of the most important stories taking place and to monitor and follow for the week ahead, as chosen by our editorial team.

They are in no particular order of importance.

1.  New restrictions around Covid-19 in Chonburi and Thailand start

In what appears to be “Deja Vu” for many residents at the same time last year, due to another round of Covid-19 in the country more restrictions take place starting tomorrow in the country to “help prevent the spread of Covid-19.”  These close entertainment venues, restrict the hours of businesses, ban alcohol sales in restaurants, and more. Chonburi has also taken additional steps such as closing pools (an extremely unpopular decision with expats), massage shops, restrict beaches to only exercise, and more. Learn more below.

Chonburi province releases provincial orders, lots of additional Covid-19 closures and restrictions implemented starting April 18th, 2021

2. Jet Ski world cup still scheduled to take place

As of now, organizers with the Jet Ski World Cup have said the event will move forward as it is an international event and features people who have brought their equipment and staff from around the world and done quarantine. The event will likely feature limited fans, extreme social distancing measures, and primarily be for the competitors who are racing on the ocean.

Pattaya to hold Jet Ski World Cup 2021 at Jomtien beach next month

3. Songkran ends, many people return to work in Bangkok and other provinces, will we see a rise in Covid-19 cases?

This is the question on everyone’s minds as millions return to work and from provinces around the country, despite officials who practically begged people not to go. Officially, the Thai Government has asked people to work from home but the vast majority of people in Thailand do not have this luxury.

Thai government encourages employees to work from home

4. Thailand begins work to speed up bringing in more vaccines, looks at more brands

As a result of the recent Covid-19 outbreaks in Thailand, the Thai Government is now looking at several other vaccine brands, including Pfizer, to bring into the country “as soon as possible” and have approved by the Thai FDA, recognizing that closing businesses and shutting everything down in a country that does not provide significant furlough or financial aid is not a good long-term solution for the virus. The government gave the green light recently to private hospitals and organizations to bring in vaccines as well, which are working on several plans.

Thai government gives green light to private hospital associations to acquire alternative Covid-19 vaccines, additional hospital beds, and field hospitals to urgently provide in Bangkok

5. Thai Tourism Authority to meet about possibly moving back foreign tourism plans

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 in the country and needing to prioritize vaccines for the elderly, vulnerable, and hard-hit areas the TAT has said that this “may” have to push back plans to re-open Phuket, Pattaya, and other areas to foreign tourists. Meetings around this are set for next week.

That is all for now. Have a safe week ahead!

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