Phuket asks foreigners who went to major recent events to come forward for Covid-19 testing

The following is an qnnouncement for foreigners in Phuket from the Phuket Department of Public Health.

People who have recently visited the following places, please proceed to the nearest hospital for COVID-19 testing. Testing will reportedly be free for those present at the venues.

  1. Kolour Beachside 2021 @ Shelter Phuket on 2 April 2021
  2. Kolour Beachside 2021 @ Café del Mar Phuket on 3 April 2021
  3. Kolour Beachside AFTER PARTY @ Illuzion Phuket and @Shelter Phuket on 3 April 2021
    If you have a fever, dry cough, or any other symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact us via line ; @pkcd or click for further assistance. Let’s make Phuket safe together!

You can also reach assistance in English and Thai at these phone numbers 094-5935342 or 094-5938876

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