Answers to common questions about today’s announcement of likely closure of entertainment venues in 41 provinces

The following are a few answers to questions we keep getting on messenger and e-mail. We also posted this on some of our social media accounts. This is in response to this news earlier today:
1. The closure of entertainment venues in 41 provinces is, unfortunately, nearly certain according to the CCSA, with them even saying there will be no U-Turn. The decision is only waiting for the Prime Minister’s signature, set to take place tomorrow morning before the daily CCSA press conference. As the PM also leads the CCSA, the decision seems pretty clear. This proposed fourteen-day closure would take venues through at least April 22.
2. As for restaurants and selling alcohol and if people can just drink, or have to have a “substantial” meal, and associated things, no mention of that from the CCSA. It is highly likely some provinces may make decisions on this from a governor level to avoid the problems this saw in the past. (People treating restaurants as bars, animosity between bar and restaurant owners, etc). Restaurants themselves are not being closed for dine-in at a national level.
3. Chonburi leaders will be having a meeting at 2:00 P.M. tomorrow to discuss the orders from the CCSA and perhaps implement additional provincial orders. We will be covering this meeting.
4. At this time there are NO travel restrictions to enter or leave Chonburi province. There are some regular Covid-19 checkpoints that may check your ID and temperature.
5. It is unclear if massage shops will be included in the “entertainment” closure order and there have been mixed messages on this. This should be clarified tomorrow. Bars, nightclubs, pubs, lounges, etc. are all included regardless of size or type.
6. It is unclear if a bar with a restaurant license can open and serve drinks only, as stated in 2. This should also be clarified tomorrow. This caused a lot of issues in prior shutdowns as many of our readers know and even if they are allowed to open keep in mind the decision is up to police interpretation of the rules and if the venue looks like it is more of a “bar” than a restaurant the venue could face repercussions.
7. There is no alcohol sales ban overall. One is not planned at this time. (Note, provincial governors, COULD ban this if they wanted, however.)
8. There is no curfew, this is not on the agenda says the government.
9. There is no changing of zone colors and the CCSA said this is not being considered at this time, instead specifically targeting problem areas. This means restaurants, which are not targeted to be closed, could stay open until midnight under the current yellow zone rules. It is possible, however, that provincial governors change this.
10. Chonburi is still planning to do the kite festival on the beach and small religious only Songkran ceremonies.
We will, of course, keep you updated. Thank you for your support as we sort through all the information and give you accurate, factual, unbiased info.
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