Police checkpoints return to Pattaya in a big way, two arrested for suspected drunk driving last night including one foreigner


Police checkpoints officially returned yesterday after a several-month lull to the Pattaya area and Pattaya Police reported two people, including a foreigner described as “uncooperative” were arrested last night for suspected drunk driving.

The return of police checkpoints was previously announced here.

Police checkpoints had been suspended for several months by the National Police Chief for further refinement and to implement procedures like many CCTV cameras, brightly lit warnings of the checkpoint, multiple officers monitoring, and other measures to prevent possible corruption, such as police officers accepting bribes from suspects to be let off of potential offenses. This followed complaints from civilians on processes previously taken as well that allegedly violated privacy and other concerns.

Police, led by Lieutenant Colonel Amonthep Mai, manning a checkpoint in Jomtien on Thrappraya Road, announced that they arrested two people for suspected drunk driving. One was a Thai woman and in a separate case was an older foreign man, whose name and nationality was not given, but was described by checkpoint officials to the local Thai media as extremely intoxicated and uncooperative. The foreign man allegedly gave rude hand gestures to officers as well as allegedly used several obscenities. The foreign man was arrested and charged with drunk driving, according to Police.

Pattaya Police stated that more than 200 people were selected at the checkpoint for further inspection and several violated minor offenses, such as incorrect tags or lack of proper safety equipment.

Pattaya Police warned that checkpoints would be a regular sight around Pattaya and Jomtien as the country approaches the Songkran festival, which is the celebration of the Thai New Year and traditionally brings many accidents due to drunk driving. Lt. Col. Amonthep stated that police would ensure that all laws were followed and suggested that if one had been drinking they called a cab or motorbike taxi which are widely available in Pattaya.




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