Rotary Club of Pattaya holds new member orientation for large class of new members

Pattaya, Thailand-

Over the past weekend the Rotary Club of Pattaya, along with many special guests and experienced Rotarians, held training for a large class of new members who had been recently inducted late last year.

First, you can read more about the Rotary Club of Pattaya and learn more by clicking here and here! You can learn more about Rotary here.

The new member orientation, which was held for over thirty new members, was held at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel in South Pattaya. The Rotary Club of Pattaya is part of District 3340, which the new members learned more about during the training session.

The session, which took place from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., was full of a diverse amount of content which despite the length was still a significant amount of material to cover in a four-hour period. Luckily, the session also included a coffee and sweets break.

Some highlights of the training were as follows:

-A complete overview of the history of Rotary

-An overview of the mission of Rotary and benefits of membership

-The responsibilities of membership for Rotarians

-A detailed look at the Rotary Foundation and how members could progress their own projects.

-A look at My Rotary, the online portal for Rotarians, and how to utilize the diverse amount of materials.

The training was led by, amongst others, Rotarians Vutikorn Kamolchote, Neils Colov, Jason Lim, Dr. Olivier Meyer, and Pratheep “Peter” Malhotra. A photo of them and prominent Rotarians can be found below.

The organization has a variety of acronyms and titles but for the purpose of this article and a reader who may not be familiar we will simply use their names, although all presenters are experienced Rotarians with significant time in the organization who were happy to take their own personal time to assist with training a new generation of Rotarians.

The Rotary Club of Pattaya will be having a special member bonding trip to Koh Kood over the upcoming weekend to get to know each other better which will enable them to form closer professional relationships and better assist the needy in the Pattaya community. The Pattaya News will continue to provide further updates about the club and its assistance to the local community.

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