Squid fisherman hooks an unusual catch in Pattaya Bay-a bag full of dozens of ATM and ID cards


A local squid fisherman in the Pattaya area got an unusual catch over the past weekend when he hooked a plastic bag that had over fifty ID and ATM cards within.

Mr. Somphong Toephong, 32, from Chaiyaphum, filed a report to The Pattaya City Police with the bag over the weekend. More than 50 IDs, driving licenses. and ATM cards were found inside the bag. He had hooked the bag while out squid fishing in Pattaya Bay overnight and was surprised to find the unique contents inside.

Somphong told Pattaya Police, “I was fishing for squid near Pattaya Beach Road yesterday in the early morning (March 7th) .”

“I feel that I caught something unusually heavy. At first, I was excited, thinking I had secured a large squid or fish, but then discovered I had hooked a floating bag that contained dozens of personal identification cards as well as ATM cards. The cards were for many different people and did not appear to be expired.” Somphong concluded.

Pattaya police are investigating to identify if the bags of cards were stolen before being dumped into the sea. They are also contacting the owners of the cards to determine if they had potentially reported the loss or had any fraudulent transactions performed without their permission.

Story by The Pattaya News


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