Thai Government confirms Pornhub, other major adult websites, will stay blocked in Thailand to “protect the good morals” of their citizens


The Thai Government, through the Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Society, confirmed tonight that popular adult website Pornhub will stay blocked in Thailand, giving the reason that the website allegedly encourages poor moral standpoints and can affect youth in a negative manner, according to the Thai government.

Itthipol Khunplume, Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Society and current Minister of Culture (who was previously the Mayor of Pattaya, which allegedly has many adult entertainment-oriented businesses, depending on who you ask, of course), made the statement to the Associated Thai press.

He stated that the decision that had been made by the previous Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Buddhipongse Punnakanta, (who lost his post due to court-related issues) would be upheld. This decision also has banned hundreds of other prominent adult websites which, according to the Thai Government, are “obscene” and conflict with “good morals for upstanding citizens.”

The previous decision to block the website brought protests against the Thai government, with protesters claiming access to adult websites should be based on an individual and is part of freedom of expression.

The previous Minister of Digital Economy and Society explained here why he felt the ban was needed.

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