Reader talkback weekly results: What you said was your favorite place for breakfast in Pattaya

Complimentary food with your ticket on the new bus.

Well, the results are in.

The following is our weekly column “Reader Talkback” in which we ask our readers a question, usually news-related and topical to what is happening in the country, and then post your responses and thoughts a week later.

This week, we decided to take a time out from weeks of “serious” questions and ask you a simple question: What is your favorite place for breakfast in Pattaya?

Note, we didn’t say “The best” because that is subjective and based on the individual. We got some great answers including places we don’t hear about much. The point of this question was to perhaps introduce people to different potential places to eat in Pattaya.

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Reader Talkback: Where is your favorite place in Pattaya for breakfast?

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Here is a selection of what YOU said, we chose answers for diversity, as we had over a hundred replies:

John G-Jimmy macs soi6

Tom W-The devonshire
On soi lengkee
Used to enjoy retox on the same road before it closed down
Also, kiss on the second road very good for a Thai breakfast

Lynda H-Pattaya, Casa Pascal.
Jomtien, Golden Monkey, Chiaypruek just up from Beach Road.

Lars-For western food I like my breakfast at Robin Hood but if I want some good price/quality Thai food I like to go to soi Buakhow, where the market is (Tony’s gym) there you can chose every day different fresh home-cooked Thai food behind the small Amazone coffee shop

Chris C-Mum on the corner of Buakhow and soi 15. Coffee good, food good, chairs comfortable.

Burl I-Queen Victoria Hotel, Soi 6, 99B for full English, can’t be beaten on price or quality, We did a survey of 19 locations and this was (and is) the best!!

Knut J-On Dark Side I think Meeting Point (soi Khaotalo), no doubt. In Jomtien, I think A taste of Norway is the best.

Michael-About 12 years ago I was introduced to JIMMY MACS  in the famous Soi 6 in Pattaya. Whenever I’ve been back to Pattaya on holiday I’ve always eaten there. The best English breakfast in Thailand. I hope they will be there when I can return as a tourist (Editor’s note-This was the choice we had the most submissions for. A lot of you REALLY like Jimmy Macs)

Jeff- There is only one place you need to go for breakfast and all your food, and it has to be the hungry hippo on soi Buakhao for obvious reasons, the English breakfast is excellent, the price is excellent and the quality of food is excellent.  The menu has something for everyone, and the daily specials are unbeatable whether breakfast lunch or evening meal, as well as the sweets and drinks menu. I’ve lived in Pattaya for 17 years now, and nothing else compares.   They deserve this mention.

Dae-Hello, I would like to nominate a Bakery Cafe called “Bread Season” Pattaya as one of the best breakfasts in town.  It’s a family owned and operated business that offers international and Thai dishes.  They offer fresh and delicious meals at a very good value.  Nothing in their menu is above 200 THB.  They bake their own bread every day by a German/Thai baker that lived in Germany for over 20 years.  My favorite is their Hash Brown breakfast.  They also offer breakfasts with German Sausage variations.  Highly recommended.

Daryl-English Breakfast at the Hungry Hippo on Soi Buckow.    Spent 3 years in Pattaya.   My favorite. (We had a lot of votes for this also-Editor)

Brian-Nags Head, great breakfast with the Eggs Benedict being absolute best and world-class.

Peahead-Hi, my favorite place for breakfast is in the Sailor Bar, Soi 8 Pattaya. Lovely food, great service, and at an extremely low price – my absolute favorite; if I could only be there now!!

Robert- I’ve put my selections in categories because the range of food costs and quality is vast. Budget price but okay- Hungry Hippo Good value and consistent – Bake and Brew Spoil yourself and great quality – La Baguette

Alex-Sportsman, Bake N Brew, Sands Cafe, Nickys, They are my regular places and Robin Hood now also upped their game massively.
Steve C-Sportsman
That is all for this week thank you for all the answers and discussion. Our new talkback will be posted tomorrow with a brand new question!
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