Local residents help the needy in Pattaya during Covid-19 crisis

Pattaya, Thailand-

A foreign couple in Thailand have been handing out hundreds of meals out of their own pocket in the Pattaya area over the past week, helping out the many people still struggling with finances, unemployed, or even homeless in the Pattaya area.

Pattaya and Chonburi were struck with a month of Covid-19 related closures from December 30th to February 1st, 2021, after a large cluster of cases, the first in over six months, emerged in the province, originally stemming from a large cluster at a seafood market in Samut Sakhon that then spread to illegal gambling establishments in Rayong and Chonburi.

As a result, tens of thousands were once again out of work when the government responded by shutting “high-risk” businesses like entertainment venues, which is a majority of the business in Pattaya. Additionally, travel restrictions were put in place to and from the province, crippling even businesses that could open and the hospitality industry like hotels and domestic tourism. This was after many of these businesses had seen increasing amounts of clients and success in the fall and up until early December last year, primarily due to domestic tourism on weekends.

The couple, named Eric and Maggie, financed the operation from their own funds and handed out hundreds of meals at Xiao Long Kan next to Soho Town, (Chinatown), in North Pattaya.

Hundreds of meals were handed out to those who needed them. Eric stated to The Pattaya News that it wasn’t about recognition or on behalf of a large company or cause, he and his girlfriend simply wanted to help those who couldn’t help themselves in these difficult times.

Thank you for helping the local community Eric and Maggie!


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