Chonburi cancels closure order overnight for convenience stores


The Chonburi Public Relations Department issued a notice tonight, February 8th, 2021, canceling an order that had been an irritant for many provincial residents.

The order, Number 15/2564, repeals Article 4 of Order 13/2564 dated January 29th, 2021, which means:

  Convenience stores, like 7-11 and Family Mart can now open all night once again. Other 24 hour stores can also re-open.

As a whole, convenience stores had been closed for over a month overnight to “encourage” people to go home. However, it was causing many complaints online from shift workers and those who got off of work near or around the same time and were unable to purchase basic essentials.

The order takes effect immediately, although The Pattaya News notes it may take a day or so for some stores to implement the order and have the staff to stay open all night once again.


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