Top police inspect sites of now dismantled illegal gambling operations in Pattaya, pledge to continue crackdown


The secretary to the President of the Police Commision that is undertaking an investigation around illegal gambling in Thailand visited Pattaya today along with Region 2 police to review the work being done around stamping out illegal gambling.

A large cluster of Covid-19 infections in Pattaya was primarily traced to illegal gambling establishments in the city. Two particular locations, one behind Numchai electronics and on Soi Arunothai were both toured.

Both sites have been shut down and dismantled and those responsible facing legal charges, according to Region 2 police.

The secretary thanked both Pattaya police and Region 2 police for their work being done around stamping out illegal gambling and pledged the work would continue.

The public has been asked to report any illegal gambling to law enforcement officials.

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