Hotels and tourism attractions have closure order officially issued for Chonburi, schools officially re-open next Monday


The Chonburi Governor tonight (January 28th) has issued an official order to temporarily close all hotels (as well as hotel-related venues like guesthouses, resorts, etc.) and tourism attractions (that were not previously forced closed by Covid-19 measures) in Chonburi. Please read the bottom of this article before panicking as to the reason behind this order.

The closure follows the Chonburi governor Phakkhrathon Thianchai this week accepting a request from the Eastern Hotels Association to temporarily close all hotels.

Read more about our previous story in the link below.

The order stated, “All hotels and tourism places both government and non- government are ordered to temporarily close until further notice.”

“Hotels and operators must help their staffers and stress this is temporary, meant to help with financial aid, so they don’t leave the province in large numbers.”

“Any hotel or tourism place operator who does not want to close can file a document to the district chief officer in the area within seven days from now. Those who wish to remain open and have customers or those who have special reasons for staying open (like quarantine hotels) can do so but must inform their district officials.”

This afternoon the Chonburi governor Phakkhrathon Thianchai has also issued another order which allow schools to open, which we previously reported on yesterday. This order makes it official that all schools (along with tutors, educational institutions, etc.) will be able to launch again on Monday, February 1st.

This order is not because of any potential danger of the Covid-19 coronavirus or renewed spread. Hotel and tourism attraction owners who had not been previously forced closed have been asking for weeks for formal closures from the Chonburi government. This order is more of a “symbolic” closure and allows both staff and the hotel to collect social security benefits for the period of time affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus, essentially providing well-needed funds for an estimated 30,000 people who have been out of work since the end of last year due to domestic travel restrictions.

These closures will not affect any other loosening of restrictions and measures expected to take place in the near future and as stated above hotels and tourist attractions can “opt-out” of the closure if they choose to do so. We advise you to check with your hotel if traveling to the area in the near future or staying in one currently to see if they will be taking place in the order. It is also likely hotels will be able to “close” but allow current guests to stay. Quarantine hotels will not be affected.

Both orders are effective immediately today. The order is until further notice.


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