Feature: Couple with a motorbike sidecar Café’ on Jomtien Beach find success even during the Covid – 19 pandemic

Jomtien, Chonburi-

A couple who previously had to shut down a restaurant business due to Covid-19 has moved on to a Zaleng (spelled Saleng in Thai but they have used the Z in their English promotion) (motorbike sidecar) Café on Jomtien Beach, finding new success and selling more than 60 cups per day .

A Pattaya News reporter met the couple with their ‘Zaleng Café on Jomtien Beach for a brief interview, the latest in our highlights on local business during Covid-19. Mr. Thongchai Janhom, 35, and his girlfriend, Ms. Siryupa Insuk, 32, were brewing coffee and drinks with several customers waiting for their orders. They are located on the Southern end of Jomtien Beach towards Na Jomtien.

Ms. Siriyupa told The Pattaya News, “We used to operate a Thai restaurant near Jomtien beach with a lot of Russian tourists. It was very successful and had been for some time.”

“After the pandemic started last year we lost all our foreign customers due to border restrictions stopping tourists from coming. We tried to rebrand to Thai tourists but that wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. We decided to shut down the restaurant and approach a new idea.”

“We opened our café on the Zaleng from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. A noodle restaurant’s owner let us park in front of his venue for free daily.”

“We started the Zaleng Café six months ago focused to Thai customers although we have some expat customers also. Now, we sell at least 60 cups per day to mostly regular customers and more than 100 on holidays.”

“Tomorrow, January 18th, will be our six months anniversary for the Zaleng Cafe. We will have special promotions for our customers.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zalengcafe


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