Father Ray Foundation puts out emergency appeal for help

The following is a press release from the Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya. Their statements are their own, the Pattaya News is posting this for informational purposes and is not officially affiliated/sponsored with them.

2020 was a tough year, for everyone.

In April last year we sent out an appeal, and you helped us; I cannot tell you how overwhelmed we were by your response and your support.

Sitting here in Thailand and watching how the Covid-19 coronavirus has affected the world has been horrifying to watch.

We all thought the year would get better, that once we were over the first initial shock of what was going on we would get back to some kind of normality; wishful thinking on our part.

Funding for our work comes from around the world, with a large part coming from Pattaya.

As I write to you, Pattaya should be enjoying ‘High Season’, the busiest time of the year. But this year there is no high season.

The borders are closed to foreign tourists, and this has had a devastating effect on the city.

Beaches are empty, no tourists sitting in the deckchairs.

On some streets, almost every single bar, café, restaurant, travel agent, laundry, and convenience store has closed. Hotels are chained and locked, and everywhere you look there are For Sale and For Rent signs.

This has had a huge effect on our work here at the Father Ray Foundation. A large amount of our funding, the cash that we need to survive day to day comes from Pattaya and that has gone.

Our annual SOS Rice Appeal in December 2020 was a total failure; we collected more cash from one supermarket on one day in 2019, than we made over three days at eight locations in December. Overall the 2020 SOS Rice Appeal was down 90% from previous years.

At Christmas we usually visit around thirty hotels to sing carols and collect donations, this Christmas we went to two hotels and a supermarket.

Now I must ask you once again for your support. Now I must ask you, on behalf of our children, to help us.

I never like asking for money, but I know a parent will do anything they can for their children. These are my children, they are our children, and I must do what I can to make sure they are provided with what they need.

Thank you and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2021. Stay Safe.

We need cash, can you help?

  • 1.40 will buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a child at the Village.
  • €48.00 will buy one large 49 kg sack of rice.
  • €168.00will pay for a special meal at the Village for 150 children and 35 staff.

You can help by clicking here as well as getting more information.


Photo credit: Father Ray Foundation

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