Royal Thai Navy presents third field hospital to Chonburi government


The Royal Thai Navy has presented a brand new field hospital for Covid-19 patients to the Chonburi Government earlier this week, increasing the number of beds and care available in the area for those who test positive.

Field hospitals are designed for patients who test positive for Covid-19 but are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. Those with more serious conditions go to a regular hospital or a “hospitel” for those with moderate or recovering conditions. Thailand has a policy that anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 must stay in a form of hospital until they are declared “free” of the virus by health care staff, even if asymptomatic, and does not allow home isolation.

  At 10:00 AM on January 6th, 2021, Admiral Teerakul Kanjana Chief of Staff of the Navy officially handed over the new field hospital to Phakthorn Thianchai, Chonburi Governor at the Combat Air Command and Coast Guard Training Center in Sattahip.

The field hospital consists of one administrative building and four receiving buildings that can accommodate a maximum of 320 patients according to Admiral Teerakul.

This is the third field hospital the Royal Thai Navy has put together for Chonburi and in total between the three hospitals they can house approximately 726 patients. As of press time the three hospitals had a total of 127 people, although this number will change often depending on people testing negative for Covid-19 twice and being released. As stated above, field hospitals are primarily for observation purposes for those who are asymptomatic or extremely mild symptoms.

The Royal Thai Navy is also working on many other field hospitals around Thailand currently ensuring they are prepared and ready should the situation with Covid-19 escalate in Thailand.

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