Chonburi Governor releases order addressing Covid-19 precautions and high risk venues


The Chonburi Governor, Phakarathorn Tienchai, released an order this evening to help control the Covid-19 coronavirus in Chonburi which announced several items.

This follows an announcement earlier today of 22 new infections of the Covid-19 Coronavirus being announced in the Chonburi area, stemming from a large group of people gambling in Rayong. You can read more about that here.

The announcements are as follows:

1. Cockfighting is closed and similar establishments.

2. Pubs, Bars, Karaoke’s and similar must only have sitting, eating, drinking. There cannot be dancing. The order does not specifically mention live music or shows unlike the Bangkok order, although more information on this is still coming in. A venue that normally primarily offers standing, dancing, etc. can adapt to ensure they meet the standards and rules. The Pattaya News notes it is “unclear” what this means for gogos at this time and Pattaya Law Enforcement has been visiting establishments across the city tonight to inform them of the rules and regulations.

3. Service venues as listed above must be closed at Midnight. The Pattaya News notes that this is technically the legal closing time for months now, however, may not have been strictly enforced in some cases. Must abide by strict Covid-19 measures including Thai Chana check-in, temperature checks, hand sanitizers, mask wearing and social distancing. However, they may be open.

4. If anyone feels there is a venue at high risk for spreading Covid-19 they should report the venue to the Chonburi Communicable Disease Committee urgently to consider further orders.

5. If there is a need to organize any large scale activity the person in charge of this must submit a plan and reason to the District Disease Control Operation Center. The activity must follow all disease regulations and plans.

The order in Thai is below.

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