A complete list of the recent Thai Tourism Authority tools for foreign visitors, travel, quarantines, etc. for Thailand


The Thai Tourism Authority has been busy lately creating a variety of websites and tools with various partners to attempt to improve the experience for a foreigner to enter the country and make the somewhat imposing process easier.

We have published a variety of articles on this here recently but we wanted to take the time to create a single article that highlights all the recent announcements, with links, and make life easier for our readers.

We know many wish that the quarantine process would go away completely but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen soon. So, for now, here are the available tools:

1. A one stop shop for quarantine Booking

The following is our article and information on the new tourism authority one stop shop for booking for quarantine.

Thai Tourism Authority launches new one stop platform for quarantine booking

2. Happy Tourism site with FAQS, tips on surviving quarantine and information about the general process

This one is more of a general information site for the process in entering Thailand, with emphasis on surviving quarantine and answering questions about the process.

Tourism Authority of Thailand launches new “Happy Tourism” Quarantine site with information, FAQ’s, etc.

3. Amazing Thailand Plus

This one is a website devoted to all inclusive packages to visit Thailand and details and information on the process and procedures.

Tourism Authority of Thailand launches Amazing Thailand Plus travel inclusive packages for foreigners with quarantine included

4. Happy Quarantine

This is information on craft kits and other gifts the Tourism Authority of Thailand is doing to help people through the quarantine process.

Tourism Authority of Thailand now offering “Happy Quarantine” Do It Yourself Thai craft kits to foreigners in quarantine

5. Singles Journey

This is information on the Tourism Authority’s plan to boost travel by promoting single (mostly Thai) travelers to visit and travel the country together.

TAT officially launches “Single Journey” tourism routes for single Thai tourists to travel domestically during pandemic

6.  ASQ Paradise

A bit different than the first one, this gives in depth details about many quarantine hotels and places and provides the opportunity to explore features and extras in depth.

Thai Tourist Authority launches “ASQ Paradise” website, a one stop shop for quarantine hotel info for foreign visitors

7. Golf Quarantine information

Here is some basic information on Golf Quarantine, more information should be added to the previous quarantine websites “soon” says The Thai Tourism Authority.

More details on Thailand “Golf Quarantine” for foreigners

8. General information on entering Thailand and if a vaccine will let you enter, from us

Feature: Will having proof of taking a Covid-19 vaccine let you enter Thailand without a quarantine, insurance, etc?

9. Tat Smart Map Platform

We did not create our own article on this on our English news as it is currently only available in Thai, however, English is coming. Here is more information.

TAT & Beyond City Thailand launch smart map platform for safe travel in the new normal

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