Man survives horrific car accident in Chonburi with no injuries, claims religious amulets saved him

PHOTO: Khaoded Chonburi


A pickup truck driver who survived after a collision with a tree in Ban Bueng believes he has been helped by his special religious amulets.

Rescue workers were notified of the accident at 6:00 PM yesterday (November 21st) on Road Number 344 in the Nong-irun sub-district.

Police and rescue workers arrived at the scene to find the black vehicle wrapped around a tree on the side of the road.

PHOTO: Khaoded Chonburi

The driver, Mr. Athiya Keereedet, 38, had sustained only some minor scrapes and was essentially uninjured.

PHOTO: Khaoded Chonburi

He told police, “I could not believe that I had survived this accident and was not injured after I saw the condition of my vehicle.”

“I was heading back home while it was raining before I lost control of the vehicle due to a slippery road.” Athiya continued.

“My pickup truck crashed into two trees. I managed to get out of the vehicle myself and call authorities as I was not injured.”

“I believe that I have been protected from harm by my religious amulets that I have that have been in my family for some time.” Athiya concluded

PHOTO: Khaoded Chonburi
PHOTO: Khaoded Chonburi

“However please drive carefully especially when it is raining,” the driver warned other road users.

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