World Health Organization gives lavish praise to Thailand at World Health Assembly event for controlling Covid-19

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WHO Director-General, Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, gave lavish praise to Thailand this week at the World Health Assembly, a meeting devoted to bringing together leaders from around the world and giving advice and sharing best practices on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tedros said that Thailand’s numbers were “no mistake or accident” and also dismissed criticism from some, primarily online, that the country was not testing enough. He gave a few reasons for Thailand’s success with the pandemic, mainly:

-A million strong health volunteer force in every village in the country that helped recognize cases and enforce restrictions during the lockdown period earlier in the year.

-A strong investment into health care and quality hospitals and treatments.

-A comprehensive testing and tracing system and a highly efficient quarantine system for those returning to the country.

-Consistent cooperation with the public with government health measures and widespread trust of health officials and the countries Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration.

-Clear and regular messaging, treating every case as important.

Thailand was referred to many times at the conference, The Pattaya News notes, being used as a case study for a nation that succeeded in the pandemic with just under 4000 recorded cases and 60 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Thailand was the first country in the world to report a case out of China but Tedros praised what he called world class contact tracing as a primary reason that despite this and a large amount of tourists that Thailand managed to contain the virus.

Thailand was also given praise for its very structured lockdown in April, May and June with very well planned lifting of restrictions based on science by the WHO. Thailand is, internally, essentially back to normal with all sectors, including nightlife and events, back to normal. Borders, however, remain closed to the majority of foreigners until the pandemic subsides.

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