Reader Talkback Question of the week: Would you take a Covid19 vaccine if it was mandatory to travel/stay in Thailand?

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It is time for our weekly feature in which every week at the start of the week we ask a question for our local readers wanting YOUR feedback and thoughts. We share these results later in the week or early on the next one.

This weeks question is “Would you take a vaccine for Covid-19 if it was mandatory to either have to travel to Thailand or to renew your visa and stay?”

This is prompted by the news earlier this month that vaccines, especially from Pfzier, are making excellent progress and may soon start being made available and declared “safe” in the very near future.

Many people have their opinion on if they would or would not take the vaccine, but we want to ask you the following question: If the vaccine is made mandatory to travel to Thailand would you take it, even if not a fan, or plan trips elsewhere?

Or, if you are already here, if Thailand makes the vaccine MANDATORY to renew your visa and stay in the country, such as work visa or retirement visa, would you take it or leave?

You can comment below, on our social media channels or if you prefer to be private send us a mail at

We have a feeling this is going to be a popular question and can’t wait to read what you have to say!

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