Man rescued after jumping into Chonburi lagoon

PHOTO: Puen Khao Rao Rak Kan Chonburi


A man has been rescued after jumping into a lagoon in the Pan Thong district early this morning (November 4th).

Rescue workers were notified of the incident at a lagoon in the Baan Khao sub-district.

The Pan Thong Police and rescue workers arrived at the lagoon shortly after the call was made.

After rescue workers walked around the vicinity of the body of water, they found the man near the edge of the lagoon.

The man, aged 25, whose name has been withheld, was found in the lagoon. He was still conscious and smelled heavily of alcohol. He appeared to be extremely disoriented according to Pan Thong police.

PHOTO: Puen Khao Rao Rak Kan Chonburi

He was pulled up from the water before being taken to a local hospital for medical assistance.

Rescue workers said the man was crying all the time while calling a woman’s name. He will be given a psychiatric evaluation at the local hospital as well as receive counseling for potential depression.

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