Oil container truck crashes and explodes in Buriram, damaging more than twenty vehicles and ten buildings, causing many injuries

Buriram, Northeast –

An oil container truck crashed into a trailer truck before an explosion which damaged more than 20 vehicles and 10 building blocks with many injuries in Buriram after midnight today (October 29th).

More than 50 rescue workers and firefighters were called to Road Number 24 (Chokechai – Detudom Road) in the Nong Gee district at 12:30 AM.

They arrived at the scene to find the burning oil truck. Oil was leaking out from the oil container.


The fire spread to the nearby area which damaged more than ten building blocks and more than twenty vehicles.

PHOTO: Buriram Khao

Local residents nearby fled the scene but many have sustained various injuries. No deaths were reported. It took more three hours to put out the fire.

PHOTO: Buriram Khao

The road in a five kilometer radius has been temporarily closed.The exact cause of the accident is under investigation and the driver of the oil truck has not given a full statement to authorities.

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